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We're setting a new standard. Non-toxic air fresheners. Not overpowering. No unnecessary waste.

Our Best-Selling Non-Toxic Air Fresheners

Until now, your only options were made with messy liquids, harmful chemicals and excessive waste. Our revolutionary non-toxic air fresheners were thoughtfully crafted for you, your pets and the planet.

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Setting a New Standard

  • ✔️ No Toxic Air Contaminants
    ✔️ No Reproductive Toxins
    ✔️ No Endocrine Disruptors
    ✔️ No CMRs (carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic chemicals)
    ✔️ No Hazardous VOCs
    ✔️ No Flames or Soot
    ✔️ No Liquid, Leaks, or Spills
    ✔️ Scent Delivery via Biodegradable, Recyclable Paper

  • Non-Toxic

  • Pet Friendly

  • Liquid Free

  • Cruelty Free

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Featured Scent

Lemon Leaf + Thyme

Everything feels lighter and brighter. Zesty lemon leaf energizes and uplifts, while farm-fresh thyme boosts feelings of wellness.

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