Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks

Unlike many fragrance companies that are actually distributors, we invest in fundamental research and development. With a team of five scientists who innovate with paper, pure fragrance and natural materials to create fragrance experiences that are purer, safer, greener and cleaner. Like a musician or an artist, we believe that true creativity should be rewarded with copy protection; we invest in intellectual property and we defend our rights vigorously.


We pursue and have been awarded patents across the world, with many more pending. presently, we have more than 50 patents and patent applications issued and pending. Most of these are prosecuted in North America, the European Union and Asia.

Issued patents include: USD667750S1, US8919662B2, US9132204B2, US9149552B1, EU0029639340002S, EU0029639340001S, EU0029639340005S, EU0029639340003S, EU0029639340004S, GB90029639340001S, GB90029639340002S, GB90029639340003S, GB90029639340004S, GB90029639340005S, US9381266B2, CN303953697S, CA166642S, JP1573788S, US9694096B2, US9694097B2, KR300916010S, USD800286S1, KR300938308S, KR101856793B1, MX54578S, US10286098B2, US10596290B2, US10647868B2, US10953125B2, US10987445B2, BR112019006488B1, DE602011072192T2, US11167055B2, EP2552499B1, US11241514B2, JP7108321B2, US11458222B2, US11498095B2, US11931487B2.

Published applications include: 20220118145, 20220023480, 20230211373, 3014426, 3307333, 3009663, 3402541, 3039044, CN114010831A, 3518992, 40012857A, 40069669A, 2022160427, 4025264, 20220323630, 20220395602.


Our trademarks and brands are important and valuable assets of our company, and they must be used properly. We diligently protect and enforce our trademarks to prevent and stop improper and unauthorized uses.

Enviroscent’s trademarks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Aircraft
  • Aircraft Infused Scentsticks
  • Autosticks
  • Auto Stix
  • Caption
  • Dry Diffuser
  • Enviroscent
  • Plug Hub
  • Scents Made Safer
  • Smell The Good
  • Sticks