Mini Scent Stix™ Refills - bundle


Scent Stix™ Refills and aluminum case
Scent Stix™ Refills in mango wood stand ambience image
Mini Scent Stix™ Refills - bundle

Mini Scent Stix™ Refills - bundle


What You Get

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  • 3 liquidless scent stix™ refills 

More Details

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  • keep a good thing going: refills come with 3 fragrance-infused scent stix™ refills
  • vibrant, versatile, liquid-free fragrance (ahhhh-mazing)
  • on + on + on: stix evenly scent for 30+ days

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  • Spring Water + Lotus
  • Minerals + Moss
  • Sea Salt + Aloe
  • Red Poppies + Rosewood
  • Lemon Leaf + Thyme
  • Lavender Tea + Honey
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All The Floral Feels

Spring Water + Lotus pulls together the focusing and relaxing properties of delicate lotus flowers with the invigorating, energizing rush of pure spring water.

Top Notes
Fresh sea salt
Crisp eucalyptus 
Mediterranean bergamot

Heart Notes
Soft indigo lotus
White lavender
Bright rosemary

Base Notes
Fresh marine accord 
Warm blonde woods 
Mossy sea minerals

Featured Essential Oils

A Woodsy Escape

Like a walk in the forest after a summer rainfall, this scent invigorates (clean spearmint), calms (fresh moringa, mossy woods), + refreshes (smell of earth + rain).

Top Notes

Fresh moringa

Soothing green tea

Wild water lilies

Heart Notes

Clean spearmint

Sweet fennel

Base Notes

Earthy woods

Petrichor (smell of earth + rain)

Featured Essential Oils






You'll Want To Ride This Scent Wave

Sea Salt + Aloe is a cleansing scent that combines the fresh, revitalizing energy of sea salt with the healing, cooling vibes of aloe vera.

Top notes
Fresh sea salt
Palm water
Olive leaves

Heart notes
Sweet honeysuckle
Cool aloe vera

Base notes

Rich cedarwood
Sweet fennel

Featured essential oils

This Scent Is Poppin'

Red Poppies + Rosewood combines uplifting red poppies (known to spark positive feelings and relieve anxiety) and rich rosewood (known to comfort and soothe).

Top Notes
Iced tangerine water
Sweet nectarine peel

Heart Notes
Bright red poppies
White jasmine
Spicy clove leaf

Base Notes
Warm opium musk
Floral rosewood
Woodsy cedar

Featured Essential Oils 
Clove leaf

The Zesty Scent Details

Lemon Leaf + Thyme is a blend of farm-fresh thyme, which adds a laid-back, feel-good vibe, and lemon leaf, which kicks it up with a zest of invigorating, uplifting energy.

Top Notes
Citrusy lemon leaf
Clean eucalyptus
Fresh thyme

Heart Notes
White pepper
Herbal coriander
Wild lavender

Base Notes
Sweet cedar
Zesty orange tree leaves
Rich patchouli

Featured Essential Oils
Cinnamon leaf 
Orange tree 

So Here's The Real Tea

Lavender Tea + Honey brings together the calming, zen-inspiring vibes of lavender and earl grey tea with sweet, soothing Manuka honey from New Zealand.

Top Notes

Citric bergamot

Honeysuckle blossoms

Mate tea

Heart Notes

Fresh lavandin

Sweet Manuka honey

Mild earl grey tea

Base Notes

Rich honeywood

Wild lavender

Featured Essential Oils 



We Stand By Safer Scents

We stand by safer scents because you shouldn't have to settle for nasty junk in your air. That's why we never use parabens, phthalates, PBTs, synthetic carcinogens, mutagens, and on and on.

From plastic-free packaging to refillable, reusable, and recyclable innovations, we design, ship, and source our products as sustainably and earth-consciously as possible.

We take notes from nature, literally. In fact, our patented technology, combined with a pure, responsibly sourced paper base, allows the most authentic, best-smelling fragrance to shine.

We’ve created never-before-seen ways to use natural ingredients (think essential oils and pulp) and best-quality fragrances for scents that last and last…and last.

See What We’re Made Of

Customer Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

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q: how do I use my enviroscent scent stix™ refills ?

a: only your nose knows! simply place 2-3 sticks in an enviroscent vase. use more to dial up the intensity of the scent, or fewer to tone it down

q: how often should i replace my scent stix™ refills?

a: yep, they tend to smell just as great on day 30 as day 1, but we recommend replacing them after 30 days or when scent is no longer detected

q: are your products recyclable?

a: scent stix™ refills and aluminum packaging are recyclable. recycling laws vary by state - this product may not be recyclable in your area.

q: where are your scent stix™ refills made?

a: responsibly made in Mexico.

Product Details

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  • scent stix™ refills in aluminum tube: net height: 8.75" X L: 3.25" X D: 1.5"
  • no dyes added
  • fragranced with essential oils

caution: eye and skin irritant - avoid contact with eyes, skin, plastics, fabrics, and finished surfaces. if eye contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes. if irritation persists, consult a physician. use only as intended. keep out of reach of children and pets. do not ingest. keep away from flames

use only as directed: direct contact with fragrance-infused scent stix may damage plastics, wood, tables, floors, fabrics, and finished surfaces