Good Stuff Goes In
Great Scents Come Out

Here’s what we’re made of

Sustainably sourced pulp + paper

Paper is not only recyclable and biodegradable, it also makes a terrific canvas for scents. so, naturally, it’s perfect for us. We use only pulp and paper from sustainably managed forests to create our Scent Stix™ refills and our Scent Pod™ refills.

Natural starch + silica

We created a patented technology that diffuses fragrance evenly over time—using maltodextrin, a renewable resource which is made from corn, and helps hold and gently release the scent early on; and liquid silica, one of the most abundant minerals on earth, which gives the scent a push later on to extend its duration.

A dash of bitrex

“Bitrex” sounds kinda odd, but really it’s just a safe bittering agent—the world’s bitterest substance, in fact—added to our products in extremely small doses to make them taste unbearably awful to pets and children (and curious adults). While our products are safe to breathe, we don’t want your babies or fur babies accidentally eating them.

Safer fragrance oils

All of our nature-inspired scents are derived from only the purest fragrance oils in concentrated form. So you won't find the kind of unnecessary fillers and crazy chemicals that dilute or pollute a scent. Just a safer, higher quality, more fragrant scent experience. every time.

Safer scents

You shouldn't have to settle for nasty junk in your air. That's why we never use parabens, phthalates, PBTs, synthetic carcinogens, mutagens, and on and on. We stand by safer scents: for people, pets + planet.

Healthier for the planet

From 100% recyclable packaging to refillable, reusable, and recyclable innovations, we design, ship, and source our products as sustainably and earth-consciously as possible.

Better smelling

We take notes from nature, literally. in fact, our patented technology, combined with a pure, responsibly sourced paper base, allows the most authentic, best-smelling fragrance to shine.

Nature-powered innovations

We’ve created never-before-seen ways to use natural ingredients (think essential oils and pulp) and best-quality fragrances for scents that last and last…and last.

We stand by safer scents

We keep it clean

By never adding parabens, phthalates, PBTs, synthetic carcinogens, reproductive toxins, mutagens, or respiratory sensitizers. And we never test on animals (we’re not monsters).

Here’s the proof

All Enviroscent fragrances are developed in compliance with the interim fragrance criteria (IFC) of the EPA safer choice program. Heck yeah.

Our “never” list

Warning: the ingredients on this list look just as awful as they are for you and the environment. We call this our “never” list because they never go into or come out of our products.

Our “never” list


Animal derived products




Ciba® tinuvin® 5060

DEA, MEA, or TEA (surfactants)





Kathon CG-ICP






Peanut or peanut derivatives

Pentaerythrityl tetra-di-t-butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate

Persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic-chemicals (PBTs)



Propane, butane or other flammable propellants

Reproductive toxins

Respiratory sensitizers

Secondary alcohol ethoxylate

Steartrimonium chloride

You have a right to know! Our fragrances can contain common skin allergens, so click here for a closer look at those ingredients.