scents2💚club membership terms

each quarterly scents2💚club shipment is a veritable treasure box of scents (+ products!)…. shipped straight to your door, 4x a year!

full of scenting surprises, each box is caringly curated by our in-house scentalists who expertly pair the scents of the season with the perfect products (aka conveyors of said scents)—for use at-home + away!

but before you sign up (+ you know you wanna), please carefully review these scents2💚club terms so you’ve got all the intel on the smartest subscription around! all the info you need to manage your subscription like a pro is right here, including info regarding renewal + cancellation terms. Subscriptions are continuous + automatically renew unless you cancel (by at least 3 business days prior to next scheduled shipment) or we terminate your account.

by signing up + purchasing a subscription, you agree to the terms below, as well as our terms of service.

what you get!

each scents2💚club box (each, a “box”) lives to surprise + delight! with your subscription, you’ll receive a box (packed with a surprise combo of scenting products + seasonal scents) each quarter. first box ships 11/11/19; second box ships 2/11/20; third box ships 5/11/20; fourth box ships: 8/11/20. delivery dates may not be adjusted or changed.

as soon as you sign up, you’ll be billed [$49 USD (plus shipping + taxes, if those apply). the current season’s box will be the first box you receive. your subscription then continues with boxes shipping according to quarterly schedule outlined in paragraph above. your debit or credit card will be charged ($49 USD, plus shipping + taxes, if those apply) up to 3 business days to the subsequent, scheduled box shipment date, and then each quarter thereafter until subscription is cancelled or terminated. 

your scents2💚club subscription is an ongoing service

subscription is billed each quarter ($49 USD plus shipping + taxes, if those apply) and will be charged automatically to the payment method you have on file. you must cancel (in accordance with these subscription terms—see section 2 “cancellation”—below) or you’ll continue to be charged as described above. 

if you must cancel

hope it never happens, but here’s the deal. you may cancel your subscription any time, subject to timeframes below. 

to cancel your subscription, you must do one of these: (a) email us at saying you’d like to cancel your subscription; or (b) log in to your account, click on manage my subscriptions, and hit the cancel button; or (c) speak to a customer support representative at 1-866-427-7172 (monday thru friday 9am – 4 pm EST), let them know you’d like to cancel + follow the instructions given. no cancellation fees will be applied.

when cancellations must be made 

cancellations must be made at least three (3) full business days before the next scheduled shipment date. a subscription cancellation applies only to future billing + shipments; it does not provide any refunds for previously paid-for boxes + it doesn’t stop any pending charges. your cancellation will take effect for the subsequent billing cycle

scents2💚club purchases are non-refundable once shipped

and no exchanges or returns are allowed or items included in a Club shipment.

taxes, shipping + handling

(it must be discussed…) the stated prices for your subscription boxes do not include any sales use, value-added, excise, federal, state, local, or other applicable taxes. you are solely responsible for the payment of any taxes related to subscription purchase(s). we have the right to charge for any taxes we are required to pay or collect related to your purchase.

your personal deets

as our products pronounce, “safer” is reeeally important to us. so, of course, your personal data is protected. please refer to our privacy policy for full info on what information enviroscent, inc. collects + shares. 

questions? we’re here for you. please email us with any questions or concerns at; or speak to a customer support representative at 1-866-427-7172 (monday thru friday 9am – 4 pm EST).