Valentine's Day in Quarantine

Valentine's Day in Quarantine

real talk: 2020 presented a lot of firsts for some of us. our first regular work from home days, birthdays + holidays most likely spent in quarantine. and much to our dismay, the saga continues into 2021. 

fortunately with thanksgiving + the winter holidays behind us all, we have a little more faith in making it through the first few holidays of the new year. ladies + gents, love is in the air — yes — even amidst a pandemic!  

we’ve done the work so you don’t have to. welcome to your guide to a valentine’s day in quarantine! dinner reservations? so last year. get inspired by the ideas below or give each a whirl for a truly sensational valentine's day. (who knows?! maybe it’ll be your best one yet!)

your guide to a valentine's day in quarantine

create some movie magic 

setting the vibe for a movie with your significant other may be as important as the movie choice itself. comfy pillows, cozy quilts + dim lighting are musts… but scent certainly plays a role too. with powerful properties to ignite all your senses, use scent to match the mood. 

we suggest trying one of our nature-loving scents in our signature plug hub warmer for a room-filling fragrance less the nasty chemicals of other plug-ins.  


try a home-cooked dinner for two  

there’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal, especially one made with love. take the romance one step further (out of the kitchen) + ditch the dated dining room table candlesticks. 

instead, opt for a flameless stix + stand in a scent of your choosing for a sweet-smelling centerpiece that is liquidless, flameless + worry-free.


galentines night done right

itching for a night out? invite your best gals over for a night out in the great outdoors...aka your backyard.

blankets + pillows to stay warm, a speaker for music + delicious drinks are sure to set the scene for a galentine's to remember. tuck our stow or go scent sticks in any pocket or blanket to bring a bit of home to the outdoors! 


need some scent suggestions? check out our anything-but-bae-sic scents for the perfect pairings, and get some cocktail inspiration with our quarantini recipes!

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