Your Guide to a Spectacular-Smelling Home

Your Guide to a Spectacular-Smelling Home

Did you know today (3.21.21) is National Fragrance Day? We’re celebrating by gifting safer scent lovers like you with super savings on all your fragrance favorites – shop the sale here!

While sales come and go, one thing always remains true to us here at Enviroscentthe air we breathe matters. That’s why we aim to deliver the freshest fragrances made from ingredients you’ll feel good about breathing. Not only do our scents make your spaces smell amazing, but did you know that scent itself is linked to having a profound impact on your mood and emotions? And there’s actually a word to describe that...It’s called sensehacking.  

Ever notice feeling invigorated after a whiff of citrus? Or feeling calmer inhaling lavender? That’s sensehacking at work! Sensehacking is the act of enhancing a desired outcome using your senses, particularly scent. And we’ve outlined a few at-home hacks so you can get the most out of each of our fragrances. 


Save yourself the kitchen catastrophes  

Trashcan a little too full? Burnt your dinner... again?! No one will ever know...not with a spritz of fresh fragrance filling the air, that is. We recommend Lemon Leaf + Thyme in our Scent Spritz for that feel-good scent to mask the nasties in your air (and purify it too!) 


Liven your living room 

If your living room is beginning to feel, well, lived-in, then it’s time to refresh and reset your space with scent. Our Sea Salt + Aloe scent combines uplifting sea salt with cooling aloe vera for restoration. Whether lounging on the sofa or reading under your softest blanket, complete comfort should always include clean air.   


Feel calm and collected in the bath  

Plug in to relaxation, quite literally! Our Plug Hub in Spring Water + Lotus inspires instant gratification so you can feel calm and collected while you bathe. Breathe happy and healthy.  


Sleep soundly tonight and every night 

Alleviate bedtime anxiety and set soothing vibes with the scent of Lavender Tea + Honey. Try it in our scent spritz or Stix + Stand atop your bedside table for balanced, subtle scent that doubles as simple, elegant bedroom décor.    

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