Your Guide to a Safer, Pet-friendly Holiday

Your Guide to a Safer, Pet-friendly Holiday

Burr! 😖  The winter months are finally among us. As you brace yourself for the chilly weather, you might find yourself needing more than just your weighted blanket + favorite pair of fuzzy socks to stay warm...  

Sure a warm bath or steaming mug of tea might do the trick physically, but we often find ourselves cuddling up with our furry friends for that extra comfort of warm + fuzzies this time of year.  

Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or both, there’s no denying the lengths we’d go to protect our pets. After all, what are we without our furbabies?! And in the midst of winter + on the brink of the holidays, ensuring your pet’s safety is as equally important (if not more) as not burning the Thanksgiving turkey. 

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of what to watch out for so both you + your pet can have a happy (+ healthy) holiday. 😊  

1. Your food + beverage choices matter! 

Tbh, the holidays are as much about good eats + drinks as they are about quality time with loved ones. (psst... Pass the pumpkin pie, please!) 

But before you disregard the chocolate chips on the kitchen floor from a day of baking or leave your plate littered with leftover turkey on the dining room table, look out for your furry friends that might just be vying for a nibble.  

Chocolate + xylitol (or artificial sweetener found in most baked goods) are the biggest culprits putting your pets at risk around the holidays. And the star of your Thanksgiving feast is also a no-no! Surprised? We are too, but the typical thanksgiving turkey, as prepared with spices + seasonings, is proven to upset your pet’s tummy. Other toxic foods? Onions, garlic, grapes, raisins + avocados are also harmful for pets.  

Not all drinks are safe either! Alcohol + caffeinated beverages are among the worst for pets to ingest, so hold onto your cocktails + café lattes or be sure to set them on a high surface.  

2. It’s ok to be picky with plants + products 

Turns out, your Christmas tree could pose a threat to your pet. In addition to watching for low-hanging ornaments + lights, scour the area for excess pine needles! We get it. Festive plants are, well, festive! But if you’re going to arrange poinsettias, hollies, or mistletoe, you’ll want to make sure they’re out of your pet’s reach.   

And, this might go without saying, but just as certain ingredients in common household cleaners + detergents are toxic to people, they should never be out + around your pet.  Holidays can be m e s s y but be safe + smart when it comes to tidying up! 

P.s.: our scents are made with the cleanest of ingredients in no-spill forms, so you’ll never have to compromise your pet’s safety for a sensationally scented space!

3. Just say no to open flames 

There's nothing quite like cozying up by a fireplace, book in one hand + freshly baked goodie in the other. So if that’s your jam, protect your pet by using a fireplace screen + ensuring a safe distance from the flames. 

Your candles hold similar consequences. But don’t worry! Scenting your space has never been safer or more pet-friendly. Our collection of sustainably-made, safe scents will leave you worry-free so you can enjoy your (people + pet) company!  

(p.s. They make for great gifts too! 😉 ) 


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