Why We Pledged to be Eco Friendly and Minimize Plastic

Why We Pledged to be Eco Friendly and Minimize Plastic

In case you missed it: we’ve changed, for the better. 

New scents. New logo. New promises. While it’s true we’ve been out-sniffing the air care industry with our amazzzing safer scents for some time, we decided it’s time to fully embrace our enviro-friendly roots (it is in our name). Soooo, say buh-bye to unnecessary plastic in packaging because we’re on a big mission to minimize our use of it!

You may be asking: why the change? Why now? Or most importantly, what does this mean for me? Well, let’s start with the obvious. We can all agree that plastic packaging is an issue. Not just because the news or the many celebrities we follow on instagram say so, but because (most) plastic is a pain to recycle. Let us explain:

Plastic has a type

Not all plastic is created equal.* As a consumer, we can’t tell the difference just by looking at it. But at its core, how a plastic material is made and what it’s made from factors into its level of recyclability. That’s why ish like plastic straws + coffee cups are not recyclable. With our new plastic-minimizing pledge, we promise that in the rare cases we use plastic, we only use the easiest to recycle types.

Microplastics are taking over

Every year, up to 14 million tons of plastic (that’s roughly equivalent to the weight of 2 million elephants) is dumped into our oceans.** This plastic breaks down into itsy bitsy plastic pieces called microplastics, which are then “breathed in” by the ocean’s gill-sporting inhabitants, which just so happen to be a large part of our fishy food chain (sorry nemo…).  Aka you’ve got microplastics inside you, gross. And to be honest, many products in our industry are contributing to the issue with their plastic spray bottles and excessive plastic packaging. Our way to cut down on this issue is to simply promote the use of less plastic, which is why we minimize our own usage. 

Plastic < metal + paper

Metal (including aluminum) can be recycled indefinitely.* So it was a natural no-brainer for us when we were dreaming up our new minimized-plastic packaging. Our scent stix + mini scent stix refills come in an aluminum tube, our scent pod refills come in an aluminum tin, and our scent spritz refill bottles come in a (you guessed it) aluminum bottle. In addition, all paper we use (from packaging to our fragrance-infused paper scent stix + scent pods) is fsc-certified. Aka, we source our paper responsibly.

So back to the question at hand – why did we minimize our use of plastic in our packaging? Simply put, we wanted to stick to our promise to do right by the planet. Less plastic with lots of ways to reuse too. We’re bffs with the planet and besties support besties, period.

To learn more about the ways we love on mother earth, check out our story.


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