What the Phthuck Does Phthalate Free Mean + Why Is It Important?

What the Phthuck Does Phthalate Free Mean + Why Is It Important?

Phthalates. You know they’re nasty, but do you know why? Let’s face it, phthalates are confusing. We see more + more products saying they’re phthalate-free, but what does that mean? The word itself is hard to pronounce, (err, read in this case), let alone understand.

No worries, we’ve got you. Hang with us to learn what the phthuck is up with phthalates and (spoiler alert) why they’re so stinkin’ bad for you! 😉

1. What is a phthalate?

You know how your nail polish is smooth? And your shampoo gooey? What has a hand in that are phthalates, human-made chemicals that soften plastics + make them more flexible, durable + long-lasting.

While really convenient, they’re not so good for your health*.

2. What are phthalates in?

Phthalates are beastly little gelling agents that are in hundreds of products, from food packaging to cosmetics. You eat them, apply them to your skin + even breathe them in. All of it. While usually found in plastics, they are also found in food, room dust, the environment + even floating around in your indoor air.**

To top if off, you can’t see, smell, or taste phthalates, but the undetectable ninjas are kind of in everything…

So what role do these weasels play in your air? Phthalates are often used as fragrance carriers, so with other air fresheners you’re literally breathing them in without knowing it. Yuck! But by now you should know we’d never do you dirty like that. You will never, ever find nasty junk like phthalates in any of our products. Pinky promise.

3. Why we’re phthalate-free

The phthact is: phthalates are harmful to you, your pets, + the planet. They can impact your natural hormones + can lead to serious health issues, like lower fertility, development issues + higher risk of cancer.* 😱 so for us, it’s a no brainer to leave them out of your air…

While the rest of the home scent aisle may be full of phthalates + nasty ingredients, you can count on us to have your back with our phthalate-free promise. In fact, you can read up on what we’re made of so you know exactly what you’re breathing in, or more importantly, what you’re not.

So now that you know the phthacts about phthalates, let us take your breath away (you know, like the song) with our safe scents. Check out our sniff3 sampler to get started. Already our friends + love our ahhhmazing products? We’ll just leave our shop link right here for you so you can re-up on enviroscent goods.


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