The Power of Functional Fragrance When It Comes to Managing Stress

The Power of Functional Fragrance When It Comes to Managing Stress

When are you most at ease? After a long bath? Enjoying a hot, home-cooked meal? Or maybe when the sun’s rays first hit your blinds in the morning? (Ok, the latter may not apply if you’re not a morning person!)😴

Tbh, creating calm moments can be challenging, especially in today’s climate. But learning ways to manage your stress + invite ease into your daily routine is key to improving your quality of life. And we can likely all agree that sounds pretty good right about now!

It's no secret the pandemic has robbed us of some of life’s simple pleasures: dinner out, vacation jet setting and even strolling through the park with friends (unless social distancing is at play). And trust us, we feel your frustrations. (Cue “we’re all in this together” + thanks to the high school musical series for that iconic jam🙌 )

Thankfully, we have a scentsible solution for you to try to reduce your stress: use scents to promote sound mind + relaxation.

Some of you may already know the power⚡ of scent, often linked to stimulating memories and containing mood-boosting properties, just to name a few examples. Scent is also used in facilitating aromatherapeutic techniques that work to manage stress levels. And while we’ve never underestimated the power of scent, neither should you! Read on to learn about the scent notes to look for! (warning: extreme likelihood you’ll want to make an Enviroscent purchase after!)


Eucalyptus + spearmint

Often paired together, eucalyptus + spearmint scents are known for their cool, soothing properties and ability to enhance focus + concentration. 🌿

You can find notes of eucalyptus in our lemon leaf + thyme scent + notes of spearmint in our minerals + moss fragrance.


Lavender + jasmine

If you’re looking to feel more than soothed, try lavender or jasmine. These scents promote relaxation + stress relief. (an added bonus: lavender promotes healing against cold + flu, perfect for this time of year!) 🌸

Our lavender tea + honey scent contains notes of lavender, while our red poppies + rosewood scent contains jasmine.



Finally, alleviate anxiety + aid respiratory function with cedarwood. This woodsy scent will have you feeling one with nature from the comfort of your home. 🌲

You can experience cedarwood in our sea salt + aloe scent.


But why stop there?! Give our collection of carefully curated, sustainably-made scents a try. (Your nose can thank us later!)

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