The Best Gifts for the Mom Who Has Everything

The Best Gifts for the Mom Who Has Everything

You’ve been taking care of mom the second Sunday of each may (aka Mother’s Day) since you were old enough to bring her breakfast 🥞 in bed. Since then, she’s probably received her fair share of perfume, spa day certificates, flowers + Hamilton theater tickets. So, what exactly do you get the mom has everything? Check out our Mother’s Day gift guide to help you find the perfect Enviroscent-inspired gift for every mama on your list. 


Gifts for every mom this Mother’s Day

1. The outdoorsy mom

If she’s into gardening 🌻 or early morning hikes, this mom will love our newest scent, minerals + moss. This scent brings the refreshing smell of petrichor (think fresh rainfall on a rainforest floor) indoors, without having to get all icky + wet. So ditch the traditional bouquet for a set of scent stix™ refills + stand for a sleek, chic gift.

2. The on-the-go mom

For the on-the go-mom who’s always in the car running errands or owning carpool duty, there’s the enviroscent car vent clip starter kit. It will take away the scent of curbside carryout, the family dog 🐕 + her kid’s gym bag — phew! And best of all, this baby is refillable, so the scent-a-bration never stops.

3. The corporate executive mom

Whether mom has her own cubicle or the corner office, you can’t go wrong with the gift of good scents. Our stix + stand™ starter kit is liquidless + flameless, so it’s totally hr-friendly. Try an invigorating scent lemon leaf + thyme to fuel her boss babe work ethic. Ps – it will even last her an entire month on her day planner 📅 before having to refill it.

4. The clean freak mom

Was your mom the one who followed everyone around chasing crumbs 🧹? Surely such a clean freak also likes good smells. Our plug hub starter kit can fill an entire room with olfactory goodness + nobody has to worry about her yelling about spills. Plus, it’s a liquid-free plug-in, so that means there’s no mess — how awesome is that?

5. The eco-friendly mom

Just because your mom is from another generation doesn’t mean she can’t be environmentally conscious. You probably already know that by the way she separates the recyclables from the trash ♻️. Embrace her sustainable side with any of our scenting solutions! We use fsc-certified paper + aluminum in our products + packaging for a scentsational gift both recyclable + reusable.

6. The safety first mom

Look both ways before crossing the street, don’t run with scissors ✂️ in your hand — everyone knows this mom. One of the best gifts for moms who always have safety on the brain is any of our home, office, or on-the-go scent solutions. We make scents safer, so you never have to worry about breathing in the bad stuff.

This Mother’s Day, give mom the gift of safer scents from EnviroscentAll of our scents take notes from nature, literally, so we’ve got something for every kinda mom out there.

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