Sustainability + You: 4 Reasons You Should Recycle ASAP

Sustainability + You: 4 Reasons You Should Recycle ASAP

Welcome to Enviroscent, where we care about the air you breathe + making products that are safer for you, your family + the environment too.

In fact, our products are made from clean, non-toxic ingredients and sustainable materials…a.k.a the ultimate recipe for a safely scented home. Recycling is our jam, which is why all our packaging and paper refill products are 100% recyclable. 

But in case you needed more convincing to hop aboard the sustainability train, here are 4 reasons you should start recycling and supporting sustainable brands ASAP.

1. Recycling can lead to cleaner air

The waste in our landfills emits greenhouse gases + other harmful pollutants. So when we recycle + choose to support sustainable brands, we are indirectly purifying our own air. Sweet!  
The products you buy + the brands you back hold meaning. Choosing to support brands that practice sustainability + monitor energy consumption during production verses products destined for the landfill matters.

2. Recycling = extra space 

When we pile our trash cans high, we pile the landfills high too. The United States alone is home to 2,000 landfill sites across the country, containing roughly 127 million tons of yearly waste. That’s equivalent to the weight of roughly 21 million elephants…

Not only does all that trash taint the air we breathe, but it’s taking up lots of s p a c e … space we won’t have if we continue to rely on landfills for waste management. 

Moral of the story: let’s pack our recycling bins to preserve our planet’s space + natural beauty instead! 

3. Recycling can save you money

Ever consider how recycling could benefit you + the economy? Production costs are a lot higher when you’re making products and materials from scratch. But recycled materials lend a hand in lowering overall costs, which means lower product prices at the store for you. Needless to say, you are getting more bang for your buck when you recycle.

4. Recycle for the next generation

Some things are bigger than just us. Recycling helps reduce energy consumption + the natural resources used during goods’ production now so that there’s enough for future generations later. So when you do your part to recycle + support sustainable brands, you’re helping your kids + your kids’ kids lead a more nature-filled life too.


And there you have it! 4 simple yet huge reasons to take an interest in recycling. But where to begin? We have an idea for the perfect way to get started. Shop sustainable air fresheners for all your spaces (+ best of all, recycle, reuse or upcycle our products when you’re done)!
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