Simple Sustainability Swaps for Earth Month

Simple Sustainability Swaps for Earth Month

It’s finally Earth month!

While we treat every month as an opportunity to do right by our planet, Earth Month is a great time to spotlight the incredible impact that even the simplest of sustainable practices can have on our planet. The best part? There are an endless number of ways to make easy eco-friendly swaps to fit your lifestyle! We’ve rounded up a list of our favorites for you to try out.

Examples of sustainable swaps

Eco-friendly additions for the home

Your home is your personal haven, an expression of your tastes, a reflection of you. So why not reflect some sustainable efforts too?

Cleaning is caring

Have you considered the quality of certain household cleaning products? Believe it or not, many generic cleaning products are doing more harm than good, containing a variety of harsh chemicals and producing a ton of landfill waste. The good news is that several brands are stepping up their game to offer better-for-you products, in reusable containers too! From clean air fresheners like ours to plant-based, refillable cleaning products, it’s easy and affordable to do one better for yourself and the planet.

Let's talk house plants

Houseplants – like Spider Plants and Boston Ferns – are a fantastic means of naturally purifying your air and offering lively elements to your at-home spaces. (They’re also said to enhance mood!) So swap your next home-décor purchase for a houseplant instead.

An eco-laundry tip

Lastly, this small swap reduces waste and gets the job done. Reusable wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional dryer sheets.


Sustainable self-care practices

Forgo fast fashion

Let’s turn it over to you! Where you spend your money and what you buy impacts the environment. In recent years, companies within the retail industry have undergone significant shifts to minimize their environmental impact and discourage what’s called “fast fashion.” While we understand the power of retail therapy, we encourage you to make purchases from brands using sustainably sourced ingredients and materials during production.

Pro tip: avoid polyester, nylon, and acrylic materials in your clothing whenever possible. These fabrics are made with plastic, and leech microfibers into the environment with each wash & add to the microplastic pollution in our oceans.

All about clean beauty

The beauty industry has also spotlighted eco-friendly initiatives for clean beauty campaigns. This often means transparency with product ingredients and efforts to minimize plastic packaging. If brand switching seems a bit daunting, making the switch from single-use to reusable beauty products can be as easy as swapping out cotton pads for reusable makeup-remover cloths. You can find a list of other sustainable beauty swaps here.

A greener way to exercise

Finally, upgrade to a greener workout regimen! Eliminate car pollution and save money on gas by committing to at-home workouts instead of gym time. (We recommend taking your sweat session outside where you can enjoy fresh spring air.)  


A guide for your next grocery run

Tote-ally local shopping

You’re off to the grocery store – reusable tote in hand – to replenish the week’s meals. But it’s not just how your groceries are bagged that matters; where you shop impacts the environment too. 

The packaged goods and even produce that fill the grocery shelves required a lot of natural resources, like energy, to get there. Shopping local markets not only minimizes pollution during production and distribution, but also likely provides you with fresher grocery items.

It’s not necessary to avoid the supermarket altogether. Small purchases like beeswax wrap instead of saran wrap or loose-leaf tea instead of tea bags make a big difference in daily sustainability practices.

And there you have it – a few simple swaps for a more eco-conscious you! (PS. Don’t forget to give safer scenting a try.)

Happy Earth Month, from our family at Enviroscent to yours!


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