Scentsing a Home Makeover: 5 Steps to WFH Success

Scentsing a Home Makeover: 5 Steps to WFH Success

WFH. If only we had a dime for every time we heard that!

By now, we’re all too familiar with the working (and playing!) from home grind. And maybe you + working from home are getting along just fine; there are perks for sure. Daily athleisure attire, a kitchen stocked with your fave snacks + the fact that everyday is a bring-your-pet-to-work day, just to name a few!

But if we’re being honest, the extreme comfortability + at-home distractions are messing with our workflow.

Fear not! We have a few tricks (and treats!) Up our sleeves for upgrading your home workspaces to make the most of this new normal. And if you thought you’d be giving up acronyms after grade school, think again. You'll want to follow our s c e n t.

Select your space

Goodbye cubicles + classrooms, hello at-home offices + study spaces.

The truth: staying motivated + productive can feel like a job itself, especially with your bedroom a few rooms away. (sorry, we can’t come to the phone right now. 💁 ) but Environment plays a large part in maintaining focus, so select a space that best suits your needs to set the vibe.



Clear the clutter

Feeling overwhelmed? It might be less about your mental checklist + more about your physical workspace. Too many desk props can actually leave us overstimulated + stressed. 😖  select only a few props for a happier you!



Energize your space...

Using scents, of course! It turns out that certain scents can boost your mood. To restore energy + power in your workflow, give mint a try.

Our minerals + moss and lemon leaf + thyme scents contain this refreshing note. Ditch the afternoon coffee☕ + scent your way to an a+!



Nestle up with nature  

A sunshine break a day keeps the doctor away! (that’s the saying, right?!) Well even if it’s not, we’re sure it’ll catch on. 😉  Spending time outside has been linked to reducing stress levels + increasing vitality. Take it solo or with a (furry?) friend + let mother earth🌱  be your guide.


Take care

This step isn’t exactly about your space (ok, neither was the last one) but it’s arguably the most important.

Simply put, take care of you! Try checking in with yourself💕, incorporating a daily mindfulness practice + being open to playing with a new work-life balance. It'd be scentsless not to! 

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