5 ways to beat the winter blues

5 ways to beat the winter blues

spoiler alert: winter is coming. and though we won’t make that the house motto, it is a heads-up about how winter can affect us. you can’t deny its beauty: fresh snow, sacred quiet, leafless trees, all saying, “pssst… rebirth’s just around the corner”. but (in GOT-worthy style), there’s winter’s colder, harder truths… brutal temps + less daylight + forced indoor time can = real sadness. at its extremes, those winter blues can cause (sometimes severe) mood changes or depression called seasonal affective disorder.

but you don’t have to be suffering from s.a.d. to be bummed by winter blues. lack of light, vitamin d, + outdoor playtime could sabotage any psyche. but despair not: here’s a few tips on turning winter blahs into winter ahhs: 

1. see the light  

light might just be your mid-winter bff! light’s a mood-changer for body + soul, and using artificial light to mimic the outdoor kind can help people feel more like their happier selves. plus, don’t forget to open curtains + blinds to lap up all the sunshine you can.

2. put some blue sky in your gray day

winter arrives + we tend to mirror nature with our wardrobes. but whyyyy??? we suggest a “fake it ‘til you make it” attitude to ditch the mirroring we do to match the natural, less colorful winter world. add vivid colors to your outfit rotation anyway, + watch your world brighten!

3. (our favorite!) use good scents

no joke tho, fragrance can uplift your mood. studies show it. you’ve felt it; that first whiff of cinnamon at Christmas or the smell of the fresh cut tree… mmmm. that reaction is why we do what we do. great way to combat cold, gray days? turn to scents that make you happiest, naturally. and that “naturally” part is important. not to brag, but enviroscent is a great way curate your sensory world is with smell-good vibes, featuring all-good ingredients. safer scents, better smells, happier you!

4. shake things up (inside + out!)

want an instant rush of endorphins? keep active, in body + mind. try something new: consider that spin class spun, learn a new language or wow your friends with new French culinary skills. way to release those feel-good hormones!

and don’t forget to eat your alphabet: a diet rich in vitamins A, B-12, C, D, E, and Omega 3 fatty acids also can help fight the blues.

5. keep it positive

if you’re struggling to remain upbeat during colder times, you are NOT alone. so don’t feel alone either—spend time with positive people you love + admire. when on your own, do something you love—listen to music, hike, journal—to help defeat self-defeating patterns. and finally, focus on the inevitable truth that… spring. is. coming!


keep in mind:
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