4 Easy and Essential Self Care Tips to Help Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

4 Easy and Essential Self Care Tips to Help Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

Today’s topic: self-care is not selfish 👏. Should we say it again for the people in the back? It’s true that the taboo on the importance of self-care is starting to lift, especially as more + more peeps realize how critical health + wellness (ahem, like the air you breathe) are for maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Think about what self-care means to you. Normally, you might think it means taking a breather from that on-the-go lifestyle so you aren’t always tossing back cold medicine 😷. But given what’s going on in the world right now, self-care has taken on a new meaning + new level of importance. Nowadays, self care might mean making sure you schedule in that bubble bath after a full days worth of wrangling the kids or finding ways to make our extended at-home stay entertaining. Whatever your situation, we’re here to remind you to take a step back + schedule a little me-time in that i-calendar of yours, so here are four major key 🔑 self-care tips to help you get there.

Four self-care tips that will have you feelin’ so zen


1. Let it all out

Real talk: stop trying to be so tough by bottling up all those emotions. We know you’re strong, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let it all out sometimes by having a good cry — preferably with a rom-com movie, glass (or two) of wine, + bucket-o-popcorn 🍿. If crying isn’t your thing, try journaling those emotions. For the musically gifted, put them in a song (hi t-swift). Just get ‘em out + recognize that emotions = strength. You’re allowed to feel things!

2. Draw a line

There’s nothing wrong with putting extra time into your job, as long as those additional hours (probs at home right now) aren’t killing your personal life. Even if you’re cruising solo (sans a partner or kiddos), that’s not an excuse to overwork yourself + become burnt out. Our self-care tip: set boundaries. Your job shouldn’t become a life-sucking vortex that prevents you from more important matters like sleeping 😴, personal relationships + focusing on your physical + mental health.

3. Get up + get moving

Props if you’re a marathon runner 👟, but for those of us who lean on the amateur side of fitness, staying active doesn’t always have to mean attempting to work out like an Olympic athlete. Daily (or multi-weekly) exercise is key, but there are so many ways to get active + get that healthy release! Whether it’s a virtual spin class, Pilates or living room yoga 🧘, find your zen + breathe that sigh of stress relief. Oh + while you’re at it, inhale good scents with envirocent’s stix + stand™ starter kit (shameless plug, sorry not sorry). 

4. Get your clean on

It’s a fact that your personal space reflects your life. So if your space is a mess, odds are your life is too… from your car to your office to your bedroom (read: sleep quality) – give ‘em all a little sprucing. Clean 🧹, declutter, or even try a new scent for each of your spaces to give them that refresh you need to open the door to a world of productivity, confidence + Netflix + chill time.


When life is moving too fast, slow down + breathe in scentastic goodness. With enviroscent’s safer scents, you can chill for a sec + inhale some zen wherever you are. Our scents are safer for people, pets + the planet, so you can breathe easy knowing you’re taking care of your air with the amazzzing smell of nature-powered goodness.

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