Keeping the Kids Entertained…Without a Screen

Keeping the Kids Entertained…Without a Screen

Caretaker, boo-boo fixer, meal maker, rule setter… these are the usual responsibilities that go along with the job of being a mom or dad 👫. But these last few weeks especially, another role has been added to the list: full-time entertainer.

It’s not easy sheltering in place for an extended period of time, so add in the job of entertaining the kids while stuck at home and we might as well just call it quits, right? Have no fear, we’ve curated a few easy + creative ideas 💡to keep your kiddos entertained while holding onto your precious sanity.


1. Let them draw on the walls

No, we haven’t lost our minds (well, maybe 😅). It’s no secret kids tend to act out when they get a little stir crazy, and being home 24/7 will definitely do that to them. So why not embrace it? If you have a designated play area for the kids with a wall or two to spare, get yourself some chalk paint and create a wall that’s meant to be drawn 🖍️ on!

If your wall space is limited, try ordering a roll of craft wrapping paper and tape it up on a wall with painter’s tape. Just make sure the top end is out of reach so your child’s artistic creation doesn’t end up on permanent display in your home. 🖼️ 🖌️

2. Make your own diy play dough

Kids are wildly creative, so let their imagination run free with some diy play dough! You can whip up a natural, safe version from items right in your pantry 👩‍🍳. To make, mix 1 cup of flour with ¼ cup of salt, ½ cup of warm water and 3-5 drops of natural food coloring and knead it all together! Add more flour if it’s too sticky, and if you don’t have these ingredients, grab some from your local grocery store on your next adventure outside 🛒. 

3. Try some science experiments that even Bill Nye would approve

We’re big fans of science (it’s how we make our nature-loving scents safer for you to breathe!) And kids are too! There are plenty of diy science experiments you can try at home that are safe, fun + will earn you major parent points on the cool mom + dad scale. 👩‍🔬

Experiment #1: pepper + water suspension. For this experiment you’ll only need three ingredients: ground black pepper, water + dish soap. Start with a ceramic plate and pour some water on top. Then take your pepper and sprinkle it all over the water. Finally, put some dish soap 🧼 on your finger, than take that soapy finger and tap right in the center of the pepper/water mixture. The pepper should fan out to the outskirts of the plate…magic!

Experiment #2: invisible ink. All you’ll need for this project is some lemon juice 🍋, paper, a few q-tips and a hair dryer. Dip your q-tips in your lemon juice (both fresh-squeezed or store bought will work, no judgements) and get your kids writing on paper using the q-tips. Once dry, use the hair dryer on the paper to reveal their secret messages ✨!

Experiment #3: the smell scavenger hunt. Did you know the human nose has over 400 types of smell receptors 👃? Send your kiddos on a scent-tastic scavenger hunt 🔍 to see if they can uncover what they’re smelling in every room of the house using your various Enviroscent nature-loving scents 🌱. They’ll be scent experts in no-time! Don’t have any Enviroscent yet (ok, now we’re judging)? Click here to start scenting!


And there you have it: 3 ideas for entertaining kids at home! Let us know how it goes by messaging us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter, or posting a pick with the hashtag #enviroscent. Enjoy your playtime!

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