4 ways to be a true tree hugger

4 ways to be a true tree hugger

r-e-s-p-e-c-tree! below are 4 ways to give trees the love they deserve this earth day:

1. think like a tree

if wisdom comes with age, trees are brilliant. the oldest living species on the planet, + yet often overlooked + underestimated. trees are essential to all life, there’s that. as our climate changes (+ boy, is it changing), we desperately need to pay them increasing respect.

every. single. day. trees stand on the front lines of climate change, combatting carbon. as CO2 builds in our atmosphere, trees absorb it, store it + give it back as oxygen. then, ahhh, easy breathe-y. because: trees!

so, is there any time more tree-rific than earth day 2019 to celebrate these glorious oxygenators?! there are over 60,000 species of trees + they gift us everything they’ve got (food, shelter, shade, beauty). so, let’s grow some gratitude + show trees the love.

2. seeds for a brighter future

earth day’s really about service + giving props/gratitude to the planet that houses us. it’s about reinforcing sustainability measures + educating on ways to protect our environments, local + global. a beautiful way to start? plant more trees.

check out One Tree Planted + Tree People, or find a way to volunteer with a local chapter (the e team loves working with a local org near our offices, Trees Atlanta). working with likeminded world-changers accomplishes more than we can do alone. or, plant where you’re planted… start in your own backyard! fyi, trees create their own foodsource, + will not grow beyond their ability to be self-sufficient. trees. are. so. cool.

3. give them sanctuary, for a change

deforestation [aka: permanent destruction of forests for (typically) commercial uses] is a huge problem. trees were born to be anti-pollutants + oxygen providers, yet we compromise clean air by cutting down over 18 million acres of forests per year. if that continues, the rainforests may vanish within the next century. read more.

want to help? thought you might. first, create less need. look for products (like enviroscent, just sayin’) that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. buy products made from recycled paper. avoid printing whenever you can. download digital or audio books.

4. embrace them (for real)

yep, there’s research supporting the health benefits of literal tree hugging. studies also confirm that time in nature can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve mood/ focus, + boost the immune system (not to mention, the better breathing! we’re all about that).

now go hug one.

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