as the world strives to be more environmentally conscious, you’ve probably heard a few buzz words without really knowing what they truly meant — like fsc-certified, for example. but what exactly is fsc-certified + why is it good for mother earth? 🌎 we’re answering that question + more to help you become more informed — and feel good — about the products you’re purchasing (including ours!).

what is fsc-certified paper?

fsc is an acronym for the forest stewardship council®. this independent, non-profit organization encourages the conscientious care of forests 🌲 all around the world. fsc-certified paper is paper that has been sustainably sourced, aka no use of highly toxic chemicals + responsible harvesting. this protects natural eco systems, including water + animals + indigenous people + rare trees.

here’s the thing: it’s a myth that cutting down trees for paper is bad for the planet + environment. leaving trees to die in the forest can actually have a worse effect on the environment! when an old tree dies, it rots back into the earth. guess what happens next — the tree releases all that co2 it helped to soak up over the years back. into. the atmosphere ☁️ and the ground. in a sustainably managed forest, old trees past their prime are cut down before they can die + fall back to earth, stopping the release of all that co2 then + there. when the trees are turned into paper, all that carbon they’ve soaked up remains in the paper product. + then when that is recycled, the co2 sticks with the paper, keeping It out of the environment again! pretty cool, right?

but the positives don’t stop there. when older trees are cut down in a sustainably managed forest, young + healthy ones are planted in their place. and those youngsters do a much better job at soaking up all of that co2 💯. If you’ve ever fed a hungry teenager, you know what we mean.

in a true circle-of-life kinda way, when people stock up on fsc-certified paper products, it’s their job to then recycle them to continue the sustainable circle. that’s why we use recyclable packaging, to ensure fsc-certified paper gets the longest possible lifespan.

how + why we’re using fsc-certified paper

at enviroscent, we’re all about people, pets + the planet, which is why we’ve made a pledge to be eco-friendly + minimize our use of plastic. not only is fsc-certified paper a better solution because it’s recyclable + biodegradable, but it’s also a natural fantastic canvas for scents 💐! to ensure we’re being as environmentally-friendly as possible, we’ve chosen to use fsc-certified pulp + paper sourced from sustainably managed forests as the base for our scent stix™ + scent pod™ refills. 

when you shop with enviroscent, you can feel good knowing our packaging + product materials are sustainably sourced. it doesn’t hurt that our products are made with safer scents that are nature powered and long lasting too. if there’s a healthier, safer, better or recyclable option, we use it. every. single. time.