How to Tell the Difference Between Harmless + Harmful Chemicals

How to Tell the Difference Between Harmless + Harmful Chemicals

How often do you find yourself looking at the ingredient label for chemicals in cleaning products you’re trying to buy? Or better yet, googling it? 🤔 these days, we’re a lot more aware about what we put in or around our bodies…or so we’d like to think. 


Not all chemicals are bad for you

We live in the age of people actually wondering wtf is in the products they’re eating, cleaning with + breathing in, and rightly so. But we’re here to drop a major bomb on you: not all chemicals are bad for you.

In fact, you’re made up of all kinds of chemicals. Your dog, the organic tomatoes you have growing in the backyard, water…all made of chemicals. Everything is made of chemicals. Ya get what we’re trying to say here, right? It’s knowing the difference between the good chemicals + the bad ones that makes you a smart + savvy shopper!


How to tell the difference between harmless + harmful chemicals

No, you don’t have to memorize a list of good + bad chemicals. Nobody has time for that! Instead, here’s the low down on the chemicals you should steer clear from.

If you read an ingredient or google it + it’s listed as a phthalate, cmr (carcinogens, mutagens + reproductive toxins – which are just as evil as they sound), respiratory sensitizer or paraben, stay the heck away from it! These are all super harmful chemicals to humans + sadly, aren’t all banned in the U.S. The way they should be.

We take the guess work out for you by promising up front to never ever use that nasty stuff in our air fresheners.


Clean up your air with harmless chemicals

So you’re basically a chemicals expert now, right? No worries, we take the guess-work out of the equation when it comes to our cleaner, healthier air fresheners. We list out all the nasty chemicals we promise to never, ever use in any of our products. So you can breathe easy knowing you’re making the safer choice every. Single. Time.

Scents made safer are in our nature. Not only do we choose to use healthy, safer ingredients, but we source all our products sustainably + made sure all our packaging was recyclable to boot. Convinced yet? Smell it for yourself with our sniff3 scent sampler + breathe easy!

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