How to Make Sunday Scaries Less... Scary

How to Make Sunday Scaries Less... Scary

You know those anxious vibes that creep in somewhere between your Sunday boozy brunch + bedtime? Those are called Sunday scaries 🙀 + rest assured that everyone else in your tribe probably has them too. But there’s no sense wasting practically half of your weekend stressin’ about stuff you can’t control. Here are a few ways to help you chill so you can actually enjoy Sundays again. Yaaaaas!

1. Up your beauty game

Few of us have the time or dough 💸 for a 12-step k-beauty skincare routine or an entire spa day… but Sunday afternoon is still the perfect time for a little beauty prep. So slip in a massage, take care of that chipped polish 💅 (with non-toxic varnish, of course), or even give yourself a 20 minute at-home facial for skin that glows like Gigi Hadid’s. Now that’s goals.

2. Get your om on + meditate

So focused on the b.s. You’re going to encounter at work tomorrow that you’re forgetting to breathe? Make it easier to manage your stress + anxiety by breathing in Enviroscent’s nature-powered, long-lasting scents 🌹. Pop our stix + stand™ starter kit in a room where you can get comfy + practice those deep breathing skills without stressin’ about inhaling any nasty junk. Our top scent picks scents to unwind at the moment are spring water + lotus and minerals + moss. Oh + obvi, we’re here for you when you need a refill.

3. Celebrate me-time

Self-care is not selfish, so use Sunday as an opportunity to put yourself first for a change. Journal those emotions ✍️, rock out to Dua Lipa’s new song, fill up that tub with bubbles, or pop a squat on the sofa with your favorite book 📚next to your plug hub™ warmer starter kit — inhale good scents + exhale those pre-work week anxieties.


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