How to Let Go of Stuff in Your House That Isn’t Sparking Joy

How to Let Go of Stuff in Your House That Isn’t Sparking Joy

Leave it to badass decluttering goddess Marie Kondo (aka our spirit animal 🦄) to turn cleaning up our ish into our fave obsession. Her tagline phrase “sparking joy” forces us to ask ourselves the important question: do my college t-shirts still spark joy? Ok, so maybe for us it’s our college tees, for you it’s your ex’s hoodie.

“Sparking joy” isn’t some boring spring cleaning sesh, but it’s also about more than clearing the clutter in your closet. Clean personal space = clean mental space. And if Marie Kondo can do it for half the homes + offices in corporate America, you can manage your own digs. Here are four easy ways to create a few sparks of joy 💥 of your own.

Four ways to create your own sparks of joy

Do you actually use half the stuff you own?

No, seriously. Answer this question — and be honest! Because between you + your closet, you both know you haven’t worn those low-rise jeans since high school (thank god high-waisted jeans became a trend). How about that pasta maker mom got you for Christmas three years ago? Not a single spaghetti 🍝, not even one. Trust, if you haven’t been wearing or using it, you won’t miss it when it’s gone. Byeeeeee!

Be a do-gooder + donate (gently) used items to charity

Ok, nobody wants those worn-out heels you never got around to fixing. But we bet there’s plenty in your closet that you wore, what...only one or two times? Don’t just chuck that stuff in the trash! It’s time to pass your prom dress on to another kween, so why not donate it to charity? You might just spark joy for someone else. P.s. Remember to keep tabs on your donations — Uncle Sam can give you a little extra 💰 come refund time next tax season.

Give your wardrobe a scentastic refresh

While parting will be such sweet sorrow, cleaning out your unused belongings will be so worth it (because you’re worth it 💁‍♀️). Once you can finally see the floor in your closet, congrats! Now it’s time to air it out. Your clothes might be smelling a little stale after being cooped up for so long (no judgment). So hang our stow or go™ starter kit on a spare hanger for an instant refresh that will bring your wardrobe back to life.

Finish it off by filling up your room?

Sparking joy isn’t just about letting go of’s also about adding elements that make you v happy — like a home that smells fresh + fabulous 💐. Boost your olfaction satisfaction by filling each room in your home with one of Enviroscent’s safer to breathe, better to smell scents. A few spritzes of our scent spritz™ starter kit is all it takes, because who wouldn’t want a pad that smells so fresh + so clean (clean)?


With Enviroscent’s nature powered, long lasting scents, it’s easy to spark joy. The easiest way to get started? Chuck those ancient unsafe air fresheners chock full of nasty junk and bad stuff + swap in our safer, cleaner stuff. ‘nuff said?

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