how to find your zen at work (yes, it’s possible!)

how to find your zen at work (yes, it’s possible!)

between an open-plan work environment (we’re looking at you, deskmate eating a tuna sandwich 👀), loud office convos + sitting on your bum for hours on end, just being at work can literally feel like a job in itself. while you’ve got to make that money, we’ve got some simple techniques to help you find your zen at work, no matter how hectic things get. namaste all day. 🧘

how to relax at work with these 5 tips:


1. breathe easy

having a “can’t even” moment? feelin’ overwhelmed by the insanely impossible amount of work on your teeny tiny plate? you need to treat yo’ self to a few moments of self-care. so, pause for a sec +  take a few deep breaths to relax, reduce stress 🙏, regulate blood pressure + improve energy levels…ahhh, we’re feeling better already! while you’ve got your nose in the air, take in some serious olfaction satisfaction with a set of desk-friendly scent sticks in one of our nature-inspired scents.


2. move it or lose it

sure, you may be a super ninja at the gym, but when you sit at a desk all day, your energy is still gonna go waaay down. you need to get up! moving throughout the day will help you destress and exercise your mind + that hot bod of yours. we’re not suggesting you launch into a HIIT workout mid-day (but you do you 🤷). at a bare minimum, get the blood pumping just by taking a few laps around the office.


3. break away

don’t wait until you go into a computer coma to step away from your desk + relax for a sec. after 50 minutes of getting ish done, reward yourself with a 10-minute know you deserve it. you’ll come back refreshed + renewed. and when that same ol’ “how was your weekend?” convo around the office snack drawer is making your eyes glaze over 🤤, browse our latest + greatest scent-ovations instead!


4. change your scenery

while we all wish we could work from the beach, we can’t *sigh*...but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your workspace a zen spot! declutter your desk area + decorate it with your favorite things (like pics of your furry friend 🐾). is office chit chat killing your vibe? tune it out with noise-canceling headphones while working in the break area. and when it’s time for your third conference call of the day, take it outside if you don’t need your desktop + soak up that vitamin d ☀️.


5. schedule me-time

you won’t get any work done if you’re being interrupted every five minutes. (can you, like, chill for a sec?) to stop the noise, schedule some quiet hours in your calendar: snooze notifications + silence your phone if you can. toss on those noise-canceling headphones, crank your favorite tunes + do the damn thing.


while you're making efforts to adopt healthier habits at work, make sure you’re not breathing in air fresheners chock-full of nasty chemicals. at enviroscent, we create nature-inspired scents (without the nasty junk + artificial-smelling stuff) that are better for you, your pets + the planet. find the right solution for your work environment, stat!

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