How to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day with Your Fur Baby

How to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day with Your Fur Baby

Want to show love to your non-human bestie this national love your pet day? Going for a walk with your pup can go a long way, but today warrants a little *extra* lovin’. Here are some ways to show appreciation + gratitude to your fur baby so they have the best love your pet day ever!


Five ways to celebrate national love your pet day

1. Spread the luv
If you adopted your pet from a local shelter, return the love. 😻 make a donation or see if they need stuff: blankets, food + more, and sometimes they just need volunteers to spend time with the animals. If you didn’t adopt your fur baby from a shelter, consider reaching out to your local shelter + finding out how you can help.

2. Treats on treats on treats
Whether you’re an avid treat giver or not, love your pet day is the perfect opportunity to spoil your pet with something sweet or savory. Go all out with a lavish doggie cake or keep it simple with an old favorite.

3. Social media spotlight
You might do this on the daily, but showing your pet some love on the ‘gram is pretty special. Post the most hype pic you’ve got of your fur child. Sure, your pet may not know they’re a social media superstar, but admit it, you want to see the compliments roll in. 😏 + don’t forget to tag us (and potentially be featured on our page for #loveyourpetday)!

4. Do something special.
Did someone say pet pawty? Count us in. 🐾🎉 cash out on the confetti and invite over all your furry friends to celebrate your canine – or feline – on love your pet day. If a party isn’t your pet’s scene, take them to a grooming spa or chill with them at a pet-friendly bar. (is there any other kind?) You drink while they play. What a ruff life.

5. Keep your pet healthy
We’re not just talking about their diet. Spend love your pet day making sure the products in your home are as safe as can be. The cleaning products + the air fresheners you use could be harmful! 😧 Our paper-based products (like our plug hub + scent stix) are safer options for families with pets because they do not spray liquid oil droplets into the air, where it can land on their fur and potentially be licked up. Plus they are flameless, liquid-less, + free of nasty junk that you’d never want to breath in (like parabens, phthalates, + synthetic carcinogens 🤢). Safe, clean + smart scents for people, pets + planet? That’s what we’re talkin’ about. 🙌

    You can also rest easy knowing that we never test on animals. Why? Because we’re not monsters! We add bitrex, the world’s bitterest substance, to our paper-based air fresheners. We only use it in extremely small doses to make them taste unbearably awful to pets + children (+ overly curious adults 🤷). While our products are safe to breathe in, we don’t want your pets eating them...


    Pets really are the best. Show them some good lovin’ on national love your pet day + they will always be your furever friends! If you’re curious about bringing healthier, safer scents into your home, try our nature powered, long lasting scents + find the purrrrfect enviroscent for you.

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