How to Be More Productive At Home

How to Be More Productive At Home

In normal day-to-day life, staying productive already has its challenges. Now throw a little self-quarantine into the mix, and if you’re like us, you’re already going a little stir-crazy trying to figure out how to be productive at home 🤪. But just like any other problem we tend to over-complicate, getting the productive juices flowing isn’t as hard as you’d think. Step 1 = take a deep breath. Step 2 = check out this super simple yet totally effective list 📝 we put together of 4 ways to be more productive under quarantine.

1. Make a list or two

Let’s start off small potatoes. Try making a list of everything you can possibly dream up of things to do at home. Whether it’s repainting 🎨 an old dresser or simply organizing the spice rack, list it all out! But what if diy projects are not your style? Instead, try jotting down all the self-care things you wish you had time for pre-quarantine. That cup of joe ☕ on the patio with a good book seems a lot more doable these days…

2. Clean up a small space

When spending most of your time at home + indoors, the house is bound to get a little messy. And while folding the laundry 🧺 that’s been sitting on “the chair” for 5 days isn’t exactly appealing, it’s a great place to start when it comes to tidying up. When our brains think about things like spring cleaning 🧹 on a large scale, we can get easily overwhelmed. But when you start small + get ourselves in the cleaning groove 😎, you’ll be surprised at how much you actually accomplish!

3. Pick a playlist

Extreme silence is the answer to being productive…said no one ever. 🤨 it might be our obsession for a good movie score 📽️ (cue breakfast club outro), but setting a soundtrack that matches your motivational needs is a great way to, well, get motivated! Ps – check out our new Spotify playlists curated just for you 🎶!

4. Scent your “you-space”

With the whole fam under one roof 24/7, carving out your “you-space” can prove quite the challenge 😌. And let’s face it, while we love some quality family bonding, having a space you can call your own is important for your productivity + mental health. Whether it’s a work-from-home workshop or a spot to get your morning yoga on 🧘, the best way to personalize your space is with scent! Not only is scent a physical way to make a room your own, but it also helps the brain to recognize your space + all the calm + stress-free feels associated with it 🌸.

Scent your space with our safer, nature-smelling scents. Added bonus: our scent stix + plug ins have zero zero liquids or flames + no nasty toxins, aka worry-free mess-free scenting! Shop clean-smelling favorites like lemon leaf + thyme 🍋 or bring the outdoors inside with new scents like minerals + moss 🏕️. You’ll have the best-smelling quarantine house on the block. 

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