Houseplants: The New Home Heroes

Houseplants: The New Home Heroes

Thinking about adding a little greenery to your home? While houseplants may be the key decorum for chic and trendy interiors, they also come with a host of benefits.

First off, certain houseplants have many cleansing and toxin-removing properties. Selecting the appropriate plant for your home spaces can feel overwhelming - lots of research and time spent Googling. Fortunately, we’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Consider this your official guide to adopting the perfect houseplant for your needs.

Increase Oxygen and Improve Air Quality

We know the biological processes of breathing: inhaling oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. Most houseplants, however, function in the opposite way. They emitting, or “exhale,” oxygen into the air, subsequently increasing the oxygen levels in your home. More air to breathe means better breathing.

But beyond helping you breathe better, some houseplants have the special capability of removing toxins from your air. Essentially, houseplants release water vapor droplets into the air that work to extract airborne toxins. Toxins are then pulled to the root of the plant and converted to plant food. The cycle repeats, and you’ve got a natural way to detoxify your air.

Because of their purifying abilities these plants are wonderful additions to any bedroom or bathroom:

  • Orchids are common plants in many households that both cleanse the air and add pops of color to home spaces. Plus they are pretty easy to maintain. Orchids love bright, indirect light (try an east-facing window so they get the morning sun). They also love damp soil, but be sure to avoid overwatering!
  • The pineapple plant is another great option! They boost oxygen at night and have even been linked by NASA to improve sleep quality and help reduce snoring. These guys love warm, sunny spots and don’t need much water. Plus you may even be rewarded for the fruits of your labor with a pineapple yield!
  • Aloe vera plants are good for more than just their healing properties. We recommend placing aloe vera in the bathroom, as they thrive in that post-shower air (and are out of reach from your pets.)

Life Your Spirits with a Touch of Green

Since the start of the pandemic, many people have taken to interior design and home improvement projects to refresh their living spaces and relieve anxiety. Houseplants in particular have become an obsession both for their natural beauty and lively features. Some studies even suggest that these miracle workers promote positivity and a sense of ease.

If you’re working from home, houseplants can be great additions to office spaces. We recommend low-maintenance plants like succulents or spider plants to lift your spirits and add a touch of green to your day.

  • Spider plants don’t need a ton of natural light, so let them thrive near a window but out of direct light. Plus they only need to be watered once a week (and are pretty forgiving if you forget).
  • When it comes to watering succulents, less is more. Water lightly every 1-2 weeks and 3-4 weeks in the winter. These desert plants love the light and need about 6 hours of direct sunlight per day to stay happy.

Make Any Space Feel Unique

Houseplants are a creative means to personalizing your home spaces, but usually the ones that are safe for your homes and furbabies don’t give off any scent.

Enter Enviroscent: we provide an array of non-toxic, nature-powered scents so you can continue to up your plant mom status while still getting that natural scent you love to fill all your spaces.

Pro Tip: Just as you customize each space in your home with different varieties of plants, you can also select unique scents to define and separate your spaces. Try shopping our customizable scent bundles for the best deal!

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