Hello healthier new year! Clean up your act in the new year with these healthy alternatives to your every day!

It’s that time again; let’s get in the spirit of fresh starts + self-care! Ok, 2020, we’re coming for you…

Have you thought about what changes you’re choosing for this bright + shiny new year? The most health-happy changes are often suuuuper simple... As easy as swapping one thing for another, still satisfying + fresh (aka healthier) new thing! Read on, cuz we’ve got some simple exchange ideas to welcome in a happier new year + a healthier new you:

1. Sub your afternoon latte for tea

Obviously, we wouldn’t ask you to give up coffee altogether -- how hypocritical would that be?! But let’s discuss a potential break-up with that post-lunch caffeine kick. How about green tea? Hot or iced, it’s full of superhero antioxidants, plus studies show that cutting off caffeine by 2 p.m. Is a healthy path toward dreamy all-night zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s!

2. Say more “no’s” to processed foods

Let’s go there: “junk” foods. They’re convenient, crave-able + uhhh, we’ll say it… delicious! We know that attempting to forever rid ourselves of guilty-pleasure treats usually backfires colosally. But we also know these foods don’t feed or fuel our body in the best ways. So, as a new more-often-than-not habit, trade the energy drainers for satisfying whole foods: avocados, nuts, brown rice, greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, fruits + yes, dark chocolate. Yep, feeling better already.

3. Negativity: a no-go. Stay positive!

No guru or zen master required. When it comes to healthier living, it’s as simple as setting clear intentions. Science supports it: when you anticipate the positive, it’s more likely to happen. And, like henry ford said, “if you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Positive spins all around, please.

4. Breathe in something healthier-for-you, too!  

Imagine if during that time you’re eatin’ all clean + adoptin’ healthier habits, you’re still breathing air fresheners full of crazy chemicals! That. Will. Not. Do.  At Enviroscent, we create nature-inspired scents without the nasty ingredients + fillers (check out our never list). Oh + btw, they smell ahhhh-mazing. So make 2020 smell great with scents that are better for you, your pets + the planet! Check them out now.