Healthy Alternatives to Power Your New Years' Resolutions

Healthy Alternatives to Power Your New Years' Resolutions

Hello healthier new year! Clean up your act in the new year with these healthy alternatives to your every day!

It’s that time again; let’s get in the spirit of fresh starts + self-care! Ok, 2020, we’re coming for you…

Have you thought about what changes you’re choosing for this bright + shiny new year? The most health-happy changes are often suuuuper simple... As easy as swapping one thing for another, still satisfying + fresh (aka healthier) new thing! Read on, cuz we’ve got some simple exchange ideas to welcome in a happier new year + a healthier new you:

1. Sub your afternoon latte for tea

Obviously, we wouldn’t ask you to give up coffee altogether -- how hypocritical would that be?! But let’s discuss a potential break-up with that post-lunch caffeine kick. How about green tea? Hot or iced, it’s full of superhero antioxidants, plus studies show that cutting off caffeine by 2 p.m. Is a healthy path toward dreamy all-night zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s!

2. Say more “no’s” to processed foods

Let’s go there: “junk” foods. They’re convenient, crave-able + uhhh, we’ll say it… delicious! We know that attempting to forever rid ourselves of guilty-pleasure treats usually backfires colosally. But we also know these foods don’t feed or fuel our body in the best ways. So, as a new more-often-than-not habit, trade the energy drainers for satisfying whole foods: avocados, nuts, brown rice, greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, fruits + yes, dark chocolate. Yep, feeling better already.

3. Negativity: a no-go. Stay positive!

No guru or zen master required. When it comes to healthier living, it’s as simple as setting clear intentions. Science supports it: when you anticipate the positive, it’s more likely to happen. And, like henry ford said, “if you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Positive spins all around, please.

4. Breathe in something healthier-for-you, too!  

Imagine if during that time you’re eatin’ all clean + adoptin’ healthier habits, you’re still breathing air fresheners full of crazy chemicals! That. Will. Not. Do.  At Enviroscent, we create nature-inspired scents without the nasty ingredients + fillers (check out our never list). Oh + btw, they smell ahhhh-mazing. So make 2020 smell great with scents that are better for you, your pets + the planet! Check them out now.

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