Gifting with Scents This Holiday Season

Gifting with Scents This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for glittery lights, delectable bites + gifts galore!

Here come the holidays. And while that could mean food, football + plenty of family time it doesn’t have to mean stressing over the perfect gift for that special someone. 😉

Allow us to remove the gifting anxiety with our scent bundles full of super savings! Below are three of our most popular bundles. Buy one, (for you) gift one (to your boo or fam too) for a truly scentsational holiday.

everywhere + everyway bundle

The name pretty much says it all. enjoy your favorite scent in every one of our safer scenting forms! Spruce up the bathroom with scent spritz. Spice up the bedroom with plug hub. Bring a crisp holiday scent to the living room with stix + stand. And you’re your ride with vent clip. Whether in your home or on the go, there’s a scent solution for everywhere + everyway. So start scentin’!


home scent home bundle  

Our seasonal scent suggestions for this bundle? Try honeycrisp apple + cardamom scent stix, balsam fir + spruce in the plug hub, and vanilla bean + pumpkin chai in the stow or go!

We’re all about that #homeaircare. Scent every space in your home, big or small, with the three different forms that come in this bundle + enjoy 25% savings (aka bundle up, buttercup)!


in here + out there bundle

Go on, give it a try! Small in size but mighty in scent, you’ll want to hop on the (enviro)scent train after this purchase. feature your fave scent in your home + car!

Our scent suggestions? Try minerals + moss in your vent clip and balsam fir + spruce in your stix + stand for an all-around woodsy vibe.



But why stop there?!

If you’re hunting for the biggest bang for your buck, check out our scents2love box! This box is pre-selected special for the holidays, featuring our 2 best-smelling holiday scents: balsam fir + spruce and vanilla bean + pumpkin chai, you’ll save a whopping 40% when you buy this specially curated seasonal box!

And the best part of it all? Enviroscent air fresheners are made healthier, sustainable + worry-free, so you can feel good about gifting all the good scents. 


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