Gardening Tips & Tricks: Gearing up for Green Thumb Season

Gardening Tips & Tricks: Gearing up for Green Thumb Season

Do your plants wilt when you walk by? Do you grow more weeds than herbs? Have you basically given up and labeled the whole gardening thing, not your schtick? Trust us — we hear you. Fact is, we weren’t all so lucky as to inherit the green thumb gene...but there are plenty of hacks to tap into your inner Mother Nature, no matter how deep down she’s buried. No worries, friend, we’ve created a whole list of tips and tricks to spruce up your nature skills this gardening season!

7 Ways to Flex Your Green Thumb 

1. Put that empty Scent Spritz™ bottle to good use

You’ve scented your space for spring with your favorite Enviroscent Scent Spritz, but now what? While our aluminum bottles are 100% recyclable ♻️ (humble brag, we know), try upcycling your next empties for the good of your gardening game! Just give your spritz bottle a good wash, fill ‘er up with water + voilà! Now you’ve got a handy dandy way to fine mist your foliage (especially indoor varieties). See ya later watering can! 

2. Air plant alert — hold on to those Scent Stix™ refill tubes

Fun fact: air plants get their name because they scoop up nutrients from the air around them. The best part is they are super-duper low-maintenance. You only need to give them a 15-minute soak each week before returning them to their resting place — such as Enviroscent’s Scent Stix aluminum refill tubes. Sustainable & chic!

3. Choose your herbs wisely

Nothing is worse than going to grab some herbaceous goodness from your garden only to discover that the beetles had a buffet before you even had a chance to warm up your saucepan. To combat this situation, opt for herbs like garlic, onion & chives because insects can’t stand them!

4. Get to know those Frost Dates

Frost Dates aren’t like one-size-fits-all leggings: You have to do a little research to find out which specific dates your local area will be getting frosty, because it can make or break your gardening efforts. By knowing in advance when Jack Frost is going to pay a visit, you can sufficiently protect your plants so they are out of harm’s way.

5. Accept the inevitable

There’s a defining moment in every plant’s life when it’s time to face facts that they just won’t make it through another season, and that’s ok! Plants kick the bucket all the time for reasons like over or under-watering, lack of sufficient sunlight, hungry insects, etc. When you lose a part of your plant fam, simply pick yourself up by the garden bootstraps and give it another go. You’ve got this! 

6. Time your watering sessions

You may want to run + grab the garden hose at high noon when the sun is at its peak, but this is actually the worst thing you can do because it can scorch your plants! Opt for a morning or dusk watering sesh instead for prime plant-watering time.

7. Keep herbs separate from other plantings

Herbs are awesome because they taste great — and they smell even better. That’s precisely why we infused some of our fave herbs like thyme and lavender into our Lemon Leaf + Thyme + Lavender Tea + Honey scents! One of the best gardening tips + tricks to know is you must keep your herbs separate from your other plantings if you want them to thrive.


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