How Enviroscent is Reducing Our Products' Environmental Impact

How Enviroscent is Reducing Our Products' Environmental Impact

At Enviroscent, we’re all about people + pets + the planet. We stand by safer scents 👃 + definitely don’t believe in contributing to a landfill (no way!). In fact, we feel it’s our responsibility as humans living on this celestial body to do something that packs a positive environmental punch. Here are four ways we’re doing our part to help mother earth.


Four ways Enviroscent is making an environmental impact: 

1. We use renewable resources

We only use sustainably sourced + biodegradable materials that leave as little impact on the earth 🌎 as possible. So you can feel good about reading the material names like “natural abundant silica” + “renewable natural starch” on our product labels. They’re the good guys. 

2. Our packaging is recyclable

Recycling is a no-brainer these days, so if there’s a healthier, safer, better, or recyclable ♻️ option, we use it. Every. Single. Time. Tbh, we even try to minimize unnecessary packaging in the first place, which is why most of the products you order from our website will come free from unnecessary packaging. Because let’s be honest, the scents are the true stars ⭐ of the show.

3. Reusable products are the best

You wanna know the coolest thing about our products? Once you buy your first stix + stand™ starter kitplug hub™ warmer starter kitscent spritz™ starter kitstow or go™ starter kit, or car vent clip starter kit, you can keep refilling it! Reusable products mean less waste, so all you need to do is stock up on those scent refills + you’ll be helping the environment without even thinking 💭 🤔 about it.

4. We practice safer scents

We may sound like a broken record, but our nature-powered, long-lasting scents aren’t made from bad 👎 stuff and we have zero chill about letting ya know. Our patented technology allows us to use the purest fragrance oils in concentrated form + without any of the nasty chemicals, so you can breathe easy.


Feel good about your environmental impact when you shop with enviroscent. We stand by safer scents that are better for you, your furbabies + the planet.

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