Enviroscent's Father's Day Gift Guide (That Doesn't Stink!)

Enviroscent's Father's Day Gift Guide (That Doesn't Stink!)

We’ll just say it: dads are toughhh to shop for. In our experience, deciding what to get dear old dad for Father’s Day usually goes a little something like this:

Us: “Dad, what do you want for Father’s Day?”
Dad: “I don’t know.  I don’t really need anything.  Just don’t spend too much money”
Us: “Ok Dad”
Also us: *frantically searching the internet for lists of hot gifts for dad* 

Sound familiar? Well, you’re in luck – you can skip that conversation altogether this year, because we have all the safer scenting options.  Whatever type of dad you have, we have the healthier air freshener he probably needs for his man space.

plug hub lemon thymeFor the dad that doesn’t need another tie

We’re on dad’s side. After all, how many ties does a man need right?! Try our plug hub warmer starter kit in scent lemon leaf + thyme on for size this year.

Dad’s man cave will be smelling fresh + clean. you avoid the title of “gift repeater.” It’s a win, win.


ride on dad

For the dad that truly loves his ride

If you’ve ever found yourself questioning whether dad loves you or that mid-life-crisis sports car he found on Craigslist more, here’s your go-to father’s day gift for the old man. 

Make every ride dad takes smell like a trip to the beach with our vent clip starter kit in scent sea salt + aloe.


numbers dad

For the dad that’s a numbers guy 

Some dads care about the numbers: i.e., how much did it cost?

With our scent spritz starter kit, you can bet your bottom dollar that dad will be proud you got your money’s worth on this gift that keeps on giving with every scent spritz refill! (Get it, because it’s refillable!)

P.s. – try our spring water + lotus scent to appeal to dad’s softer side


sports dad

For the dad that always has sports talk radio playing

So dad’s a big sports guy, eh? You can guarantee he’ll feel like he’s at an outdoor arena with every ride with our minerals + moss scent in our stix + stand starter kit.

It’s all the smells of the great outdoors, tucked away inside dad’s sports den.


Whatever type of dad you’re gift-hunting for, we know one thing’s for sure; dad will appreciate that you put his safety first with our safer scents. We never use any nasty toxins like respiratory sensitizers, CMRs or PBTs, so you + dad can breathe easy knowing he’s scenting his ride with a best-in-class air fresheners.

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