Easy Staycation Ideas

Easy Staycation Ideas

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a “staycation”, allow us to break it down 🧐. A staycation is defined by two fundamental elements: stay in place + act like your on vacation. It’s a lot to wrap your head around, we know 🤯.

There are lots of reasons people tend to favor the occasional staycation, but our personal favorite atm is that the government told us we had to… so since we’re all in this together, here’s a list of ways to things to do during staycation that are actually fun ⛱️! 

1. Stay tf home

Obvious, but necessary. Not that you have much of a choice these days, but there are a lot of benefits to staycationing (for you grammar police, it’s a word now). At the very least, you’re saving a boatload of money 💰. Not to mention no packing required 🙌. But best of all? You get to customize every little piece of your staycation to your liking because you da boss.

 2. Zen-out your bathroom

Every good resort usually has an amazzzing spa, and the staycation version of a spa = infuse some zen into your bathroom. If holistic is your jam, add a few rocks, some crystals + all that mumbo jumbo 🔮. If you’re more of a minimalistic spa-goer, picking up the dirty towels off the floor is a great place to start... Next up, order a big fluffy robe off amazon (+ one for the hubbie since you know yours will go “missing” at some point). And for the final zen af touch? Pop some spring water + lotus scent stix + stand on your counter and breathe in the calm 🧘.

3. Spice things up in the bedroom

Oh…you thought we meant… no, no, we’re talking décor here people. Create resort-style ambiance by adding a reading lamp to your bedside table 💡. Or if you’re really feeling your inner chip + jo, try installing dimmer switches! Next up, order those 500-thread-count sateen sheets you’ve been eyeing. Finally, there’s nothing like the scent of nature to scent the mood. Bring a whole new meaning to cabin fever with our new outdoorsy minerals + moss scent stix. A woody escape indeed 😏.

4. Explore some kitchen trickery

The best part of going on vacation? Not. Having. To. Cook. 👏 but how you ask does one not cook while on staycation? We hear chef du uber eats makes a mean cuisine. Bonus trick: give the illusion you’ve been cooking something fresh + healthy with by putting our lemon leaf + thyme 🍋 scent on full blast with a little room spritz action.

And wa-la! Just like that you’ve got the best-smelling recipe for success when it comes to creating your wish-i-was-on-a-romantic-vacation-but-staycationing-is-socially-responsible paradise. But seriously, when it comes to what to do on staycation, follow this list + remember to practice safe scents 😉… cheers! 🍹

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