Cozy Quarantining: 3 Ideas for a Sensational Fall at Home

Cozy Quarantining: 3 Ideas for a Sensational Fall at Home

Apples + pumpkin chai + spices (oh my!)... Fall is looming! While the first official day isn’t until September 22, we bet you’ve already tucked into a piece of warm pumpkin bread or enjoyed a steamy Starbucks latte. Surely the first of many this season!

If you’re like us, the cool morning temperatures or crisp autumn air are reminding you of the change in seasons. Fun fact: scent actually plays a large role in stimulating memory. (That’s why scents like wood, apple, cinnamon + vanilla evoke the scent-sations of fall)!

So as we prepare for shorter days + sweater weather, let us give you ideas for scenting your fall just how you want.


1. Competing in a family bake-off

From fresh breads + hot cookies to apple pies + other goodies, a family bake-off is sure to leave decadent aromas wafting through your home. An added bonus: built-in bonding time with your nearest + dearest. Talk about starting the new season off on the sweetest of notes!


2. Setting the vibe for snuggles + snoozes

Scent (oops, set) the scene: whether you’re wanting couch cuddles by the fireplace or curling up with a good book + fave fuzzy blanket under the stars, our balsam fir + spruce scent can transport you there! (P.s. - no flames required when it comes to Enviroscent products!)

With notes of cool mint, eucalyptus + pine you’ll feel one with nature but from the comfort of your own home. And if you’re feeling a need to refresh + reset after a long day, the scent of mint has been linked to restoring energy levels too.  


3. Introducing honeycrisp apple + cardamom

It’s not your mom’s famous apple pie, but it comes pretty close! Our newest honeycrisp apple + cardamom scent wraps notes of oat milk, apple, cinnamon, cardamom, clove + vanilla into the perfect smelling (+ recyclable) package. Let baked goods take a backseat in your next neighborly potluck + get ready to have the best-smelling house on the block! 

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