Composting for Starters (We All Have to Start Somewhere)

Composting for Starters (We All Have to Start Somewhere)

Spring is about to be sprung 🌷so it’s time to start thinking about that garden of yours — including the one that only exists on your vision board at the moment. But before you begin digging things up like an hgtv star, try your hand at eco-options like composting so you can be a badass gardener that slays at keeping nasty chemicals away from those home-grown leafy greens.

Why composting is so epic

The best way to show your garden love is with compost. It enriches the soil with more vitamins + minerals than your a.m. Green juice 🥬, keeps icky plant diseases and pesky pests away and it reduces the need to reach for those earth-sucking chemical fertilizers. Yuck. Composting is an easy-peasy way to create humus (not to be confused with hummus), a nutrient-rich material that’s like an energy drink for plants. Bonus points for reducing landfill waste, so it’s super environmentally friendly.

Keeping things simple with the right container

Wondering how to compost? First you have to choose a composter (aka container) that matches your living space. Let’s start with you urban peeps who have little-to-no outdoor space. Worm bins 🐛 (we know, kinda gross) can be indoor or outdoor (even a small terrace will do) + ideally near the kitchen so you can easily pop those leftover cooking scraps in.

If you live in the burbs + have a yard, tossing kitchen scraps + lawn waste into an enclosed bin or compost tumbler is definitely easier than the actual gardening part — just keep in mind that you’re going to have to give that mixture a turn every 1-2 weeks. 💪

Composting for the green thumb challenged

Why get a container bin in the first place? Because it’s the best + easiest way to compost! With a bin, the composting process is way faster, neighborhood critters 🦝 can’t get into it + odors are kept at bay. (compost bin getting a little stinky? 👃 give it a quick spritz with our scent spritz™ starter kit!). A bin is ideal, but it’s not the only way to become a composting rock star. Here are the best materials to use so you can compost like a pro: 

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Brush trimmings
  • Old wine
  • Any non-animal food scraps (think coffee grounds, tea bags/leaves, fruit + veggie scraps, cereal, bread…)
  • Organic manure
  • Dry cat or dog food
  • Dryer lint
  • Old herbs and spices
  • Tree branches
  • Shredded newspapers
  • Old pasta
  • Corn cobs
  • Hair
  • Old clothing from natural fabrics
  • Avocado pits (or any stone fruit pits)
  • Egg cartons
  • Toilet/towel paper rolls
  • Cotton balls

And that’s all there is to it! Reward yourself for all your hard work doing mother nature’s deeds with some scentastic scents from enviroscent. Our products are safer for people, pets + the planet. If there’s a healthier, safer, better, or recyclable option, we use it. Every. Single. Time.

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