Can You Workout with Kids? Oh Ya, It’s Possible

Can You Workout with Kids? Oh Ya, It’s Possible

As parents, we know that you can’t place a price on the value of time to yourself, especially when it involves getting a good workout in. Whether it’s some mid-afternoon cardio before cracking open that bottle of wine or a late night basement Peloton class after the kiddos are down + out, getting the body moving is essential to your healthy, and frankly, your sanity.

But in the world that is our new reality, finding those precious moments alone is a whole lot tougher. So for all you moms + dads who want a good workout but can’t shake the kiddos, here are 5 fun exercises to do with your kids.

Superman-style weighted planks

The kids are climbing all over you anyways, right? So let’s make the best out of it (for your abs + upper bodies’ sake). Have your little climber latch on to your back so you can add some weight to your plank! Try intervals of 30 seconds, or 1 minute if you’re really feeling your inner Clark Kent.


Baby push-ups

But wait, what if you have a baby at home who isn’t quite ready to go superman-style? No worries, you can still engage your arms + core. Simply place your tiny tot between the floor and your chest, then get into push-up position. Now you can make funny faces at them (or just use your concentration face, which we’re sure they’ll find laughable), while you practice your push-up form!  


sit up workout with kids

Switch-it-up sit-ups

If your child has ever taken a pe class in school, odds are sit-ups are pretty familiar to them. That’s why they’re the perfect partner for this exercise! Have them take a turn by holding their ankles while they sit-up. When it’s your turn, best to have them stand on your feet (put your sneakers on so your toes stay safe!) To keep you weighted down. Bonus points for who can do the most sit-ups in one minute!


Tiny tot crunches

Kiddo not even in their “roll-over” phase let alone ready for a sit-up? No worries! Lay down on the floor + bend your legs as if you were gearing up to do a sit-up. Instead, prop your little tyke on your diaphragm (the muscle below your belly + above your pelvis) so your legs are supporting their back. Then start crunching! You still get your ab workout + your little one gets the best game of peak-a-boo they’re ever played. 

tiny tot crunches workout with baby kids


 Trapeze sumo squats (for advanced worker-outers only)

sumo squats with kids work out

Name a child that doesn’t love riding around on mom or dad’s shoulders…we’ll wait. Place your kiddo on your shoulders and get into sumo squat formation (like a regular squat but your legs are further apart + your feet are slightly turned out). This will give you more balance while your eagle scout takes in their new birds eye view. Get to squatting!

Ps – for the normal version of this exercise, hold your youngster at arms length in front of you + squat as normal for a serious leg/arm workout!


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