Are Disposable Masks the New Plastic Bottle?!

Are Disposable Masks the New Plastic Bottle?!

Message in a bottle? More like masks 😷  + (plastic) bottles!

Like us, your mental morning checklist probably sounds a lot like this. Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Face mask?!  

Let's be real. Nothing feels worse than waking up early to beat the line outside Trader Joe’s, only to realize until after you park that you’ve forgotten your face mask at home.

We've all been there. While it’s perfectly okay to leave your mask at home (that is, if you plan on retrieving it before you venture out again) it’s not okay to leave your mask where it doesn’t belong. Like lying on the grass or plastered across the sidewalk. AKA it’s not okay to litter.

Sad but true, the Coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new wave 🌊 of plastics pollution: PPE. The improper disposal of face masks is contributing to the 8 million metric tons of plastic found in our oceans + ecosystems. Big yikes! 😱

What's the deal?    

Like most plastics, single-use face masks don’t decompose. They break down into microplastics that release pesticides + other chemicals. These microplastics are particularly harmful to animals that mistakenly ingest them as food. 😪 

What to do?

Have no fear! We gotchu. The key to reducing plastics pollution is knowing how to properly dispose of (or reuse!) Your face mask. So read on!   

Trash it. 

Yep, you’ll rarely ever hear us say that! But single-use face masks are not recyclable + should be disposed of in the garbage. In fact, more + more face masks are being found in recycling plants yielding drastic effects! Among those, contaminating actual recyclable material + posing serious health risks to plant workers.   

Make (or buy!) It.

Down for a more sustainable approach? We always are! Spark your inner creativity + childhood love for arts + crafts with a diy reusable cloth face mask. The perfect WFH break! 

Or suit up with a sustainably-made face mask of your choosing! We recently came across whimsy + row who makes a line of chic washable face masks from recycled fabrics. (They’ll even donate a mask with every purchase made!)

And while you’re at it... 😏

Support sustainable brands that limit or remove plastic from their production. Holla at us! 🙌 

Did you know that many products from common beauty + cosmetics brands contain microbeads, a type of microplastic?! Microbeads are actually manufactured pieces of polyethylene plastic that account for nearly 80% of marine microplastic debris.

Check out a list of beauty products made free of microbeads! And, of course, shop Enviroscent, your single-stop destination for safer + sustainable scents. 😊 Psst... Have you seen our newest scent for fall?! 🍂   

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