it’s cupid season baby! 💕 but love doesn’t have to be the only amazzzing thing in the air! if you’re like us, you want your love to be free of the bad stuff + long lasting (if you know what we mean 😉), just like your scents should be!

since home is where the heart is, it makes *scents* to set the scene for love. to help get you + the special person in your life in the mood for a valentine’s day to remember, try our anything-but-bae-sic scent pairings.

scents for your home that are anything but bae-sic

lemon leaf + thyme

talk about a wake-up call! this scent is perfectly paired with breakfast in bed + your lover by your side. it’s laidback enough to ease you into your day + has that invigorating zing to give you the energy for some all-day romance… 

lavender tea + honey

there’s nothing like a dim-lit bubble bath session, but flames are the wrong kind of danger zone… swap out the candles this vday for our lavender tea + honey stix + stand™.  this scent is perfect for a little snuggle + snooze time, or if you’re ready to explore the “good” kind of danger zone 😉. whatever you’re into… we don’t judge (except when it comes to your air!)

red poppies + rosewood

it’s not valentine’s day without roses, chocolates or jewels, right? while we’re all about the classics, we like to think about the long game. instead of splurging on a short-lived bouquet, or sweets you’ll regret, bring on the love with this bright + light scent.

sea salt + aloe

this earthy scent is perfect for the masculine babe in your life. ideal for a man cave, it brings the outdoors inside + will make you want to pop up a tent in your living room for sure 😉.  try out our sea salt + aloe plug hub™ and let this scent accompany you through a nighttime adventure of love…❤️

spring water + lotus

no matter where you’re getting ready for your valentine’s day night out, this flower-powered scent will trick you into thinking you’re luxuriating in a spa far, far away. say bye-bye to the stale scents of a bathroom. with this scent’s notes of indigo, lotus flower + eucalyptus, you’ll turn prep time into pep time… bae, be on the lookout! 😍

what we’re trying to say is, don’t get stuck in a rut with the same ol’ scents this valentine’s day! love is in the air, so find something you adore + don’t be selfish with these scrumptious scents! give the gift of our anything but bae-sic scents to your friends, family + favorite peeps so they can get in on the air care love affair!