5 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste (and Your Carbon Footprint!)

5 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste (and Your Carbon Footprint!)

Over the last 70 years, humans have produced over 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic…and only 9% of it has ever been recycled 😱! Now more than ever it’s important to reduce your personal plastic usage wherever and whenever possible. After all, the smallest changes can have a huge impact! Here are 5 simple swaps to ditch the plastic and live a more enviro-friendly ♻️ lifestyle:

1. BYOB – bring your own bag

Headed to the grocery store on your weekly run 🛒? Bring a few reusable tote bags with you! Not only are you making the eco-responsible choice by saying ‘no thanks’ to the plastic bags, but totes are also easier to carry and hold more too 💪! Bonus tip: if you're buying produce, bring some reusable mesh bags for that too so you can skip the instantly disposable ones.

2. BYOB – bring your own bottle

When you think plastic waste, what’s the first item that comes to mind? Plastic water bottles, of course. Odds are if you’re out and about, there’s bound to be a water 💦 fountain or a water bottle refill station nearby. So next time you leave the house, make sure to grab your refillable bottle!

3. BYOF – bring your own flatware

Whether you’re cruising through the drive-thru or having a picnic in the park, the need for some on-the-fly flatware 🍴 might come up. A simple swap for plastic utensils? Keep a spare set of reusable flatware in the car 🚗!

4. BYOS – bring your own straw

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how real the mission to save the sea turtles 🐢 truly is! Next time you’re in need of a straw to slurp up something sweet, swap in a stainless steel straw for less waste (and more healthy sea turtles)!

5. BYOE – bring your own enviroscent

Ya, not only did we invent an air freshener that can travel literally anywhere with you, we made it with zero plastic waste too 😉! With our sniff3 sampler, you select any 3 scents to try and get our stow or gotm reusable carrying case to bring each one with you: in your purse 👛, murse 💼, luggage 🧳, gym bag 🎒…the choice is yours! Plus, we eliminated plastic from all our packaging (because we love the 🌎) making us the best sustainable air freshener choice.

It’s our duty to save the earth’s beauty, and simple swaps to live a more plastic-free lifestyle are super easy. Make sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you try any of these enviro-friendly changes! We’d love to hear from you!

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