5 Ways to Connect With the Earth on Earth Day

5 Ways to Connect With the Earth on Earth Day

The Easter bunny 🐰 isn’t the only one making an appearance in the month of April. Make way for mother nature 🌬️ because on the 22nd, it’s earth day, people. Humble brag, but our nature-inspired scents are safer for people + pets + the planet, so we basically celebrate earth day every day of the year. Wanna join us? Here are five easy ways to connect with the earth 🌎 on earth day + every day.


5 ways to connect with the earth on earth day 

1. Give the car a rest

We know you love your Honda Accord, but swap those wheels for public transit 🚆 (or a bike 🚴 since we’re all practicing social distancing right now!) + you’ll be reducing fuel waste + nasty emissions that come from sitting in that 5:30 p.m. Gridlock from hell.

2. Go paperless

It’s 2020, so stop getting those hardcopy bills 🧾 sent to your pad + go paperless instead. Recycling is great, but let’s be honest here: do you recycle your bills or play hoops with them in your trash can? Unless your bills are printed on fsc-certified paper (probs not), then electronic bills are the way to go!

3. Plant an at-home herb garden

You don’t have to plant a forests’ worth of trees to do your part. Simply install an herb 🌿 garden in your own backyard (window boxes will do, city folks) + you’ll be giving both the environment, as well as your meals, a serious boost.

4. Swap your old air freshener products with enviroscent

Is there a toxic, artificial aerosol spray lurking in your home? Ditch it for one of our nature powered, long lasting scents 💐 that aren’t formulated with any nasty junk. Along with safer ingredients, all of our products are packaged in recyclable + biodegradable materials + we even eliminated all plastic from our packaging.

5. Use reusable bags

Reduce waste + go the European route! Package up your kale + avocado 🥑 toast fixins’ in a reusable bag. Just be sure to clean it regularly to keep away any icky germs + bacteria.


Celebrate earth day every day with help from Enviroscent. From safer scents to sustainable packaging, we strive to do our part to protect the planet. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. But we’re not everyone. We’re Enviroscent (you can thank us later).

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