4 Harmless Pranks for April Fool's Day That Are Still Funny AF

4 Harmless Pranks for April Fool's Day That Are Still Funny AF

Just because the world is current chaos doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of humor. Let’s face it: we could all use a good laugh these days! Why not use April Fool’s Day as an excuse to play a silly prank on someone in your quarantine squad? Don’t worry; these jokes are harmless, so they won’t be salty 🧂for too long.


1. It’s 12 degrees with a chance of b.s.

Who doesn’t rely on google home or Alexa for, well, seriously just about everything? If your s.o. or roomie checks the weather every day, change the location of your device + get ready to see the wtf look on your pal’s face when they hear there’s a chance of snow — even though you live in Florida 🌞.

2. Mouse meltdown

If your friend is still kicking it old-school with a mouse 🖱️(hey, laptop trackpads aren’t for everyone), this is def the prank for them. Take the sticky part of a post-it note + cover the mouse sensors + voilà! You’ve got a friend who will spend the next 15 minutes (don’t torture them too long) wondering why they can’t open an email. Wfh fail at it’s finest! 😂 

3. The ultimate “smart” phone prank

Get your hands on your bae’s smartphone + mess with their autocorrect settings. Set up a frequently used word to automatically change to something totally out there. Need some inspo? Change "and" to "unicorn kisses" + see how long it takes them to notice. They can’t get too upset because seriously, who doesn’t love kisses from a mystical rainbow-colored beast 🦄?

4. Flipping out

So easy, yet so devious. When your roomie, child or s.o. Leaves the room, hit ctrl+alt+down arrow on their computer to immediately flip everything on their pc upside down 🙃. Let them flip out for a few minutes before hitting ctrl+alt+up arrow to put things back to normal.


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