Safer Scenting for a Happier You

Safer Scenting for a Happier You

Cheers to the start of a brand-new year! (+ the end of one that aged us all a decade.) Maybe you’ve already jotted down some new year’s resolutions to get you going. Maybe you haven’t... 

It’s never too late to set a resolution + we have the perfect one for you: taking better care of yourself + the planet through eco-friendly purchases.  

You may have noticed that more + more companies are implementing environmentally friendly initiatives. Enviroscent was born out of a mission to provide quality air care while taking care of the environment. Even better, because we’ve kept only the good stuff — no toxins, nasty chemicals, or flammable ingredients — our products serve you.  

If our superior scents don’t already steal your attention, we’ve highlighted some benefits of safer scenting for a much healthier, happier you. 


4 Benefits of Safer Scenting 

1. Eliminate Air Pollutants 

Much like the exhaust from our cars pollutes outdoor air so, too, can toxic chemicals found in many common household products. (Yes, including air fresheners.) 

But enviroscent air fresheners aren’t like the others. We formulate our air fresheners with the highest quality ingredients and leave out the toxins. For more information on the ingredients we don’t use, check out our “never” list. 

2. Slow Down Aging

…of your lungs! Fun fact: Your lungs age overtime just like your external features. Eliminating toxins by sourcing cleaner air strengthens lung capacity + boosts lung function. Say less. 

3. Reduce Your Risk of Getting Sick

Poor air quality is known to cause respiratory problems, headaches + even allergic reactions. That's why it’s important to choose high-quality products when scenting your home. Worry less with our collection of non-toxic, safer scents.   

4. Enjoy Freshly Scented Spaces to Enjoy

Like being outside, but without the uncontrollable weather! Our nature-powered scents will leave you feeling rejuvenated with the added benefit of clean ingredients. You can feel confident about indoor air that’s purely intent on keeping your spaces smelling great! 

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