3 Tips to Eco-friendly Grocery Shopping

3 Tips to Eco-friendly Grocery Shopping

Quinoa or brown rice? Eggs or egg whites? Chicken or tofu?

We agree that choosing what to eat based on an ever-changing wellness industry is often difficult + confusing.🤔  and while focusing on what you’re eating is super important, focusing on how it’s made + sourced is too!

It’s no secret that here at Enviroscent we’re all for safer, sustainably made scents (our life’s mission, if you will). But we’re big fans of sustainable food shopping too. And fortunately, there are many ways to start including sustainable practices in your day-to-day + do your part to help care for our earth. 🌎 

It turns out, the food we eat plays a large part in the size of our carbon footprints. Carbon footprints indicate how much CO2 we generate + release into the atmosphere. And when it comes to sustainable living, the less CO2 we emit, the better.

How does all this relate back to what we eat?  

Well, a lot went into the production of your fave snack before you so graciously selected it from the store shelf. 🤤  From growing + harvesting to packaging + transporting, your food likely went through several stages of life before landing in your hands.

To sum it up: the resources used during food production can significantly contribute to air pollution if not done sustainably. (and we’re all about combating yucky air, right?!) Well don't panic just yet! 😖  We have some suggestions to help you reduce your carbon footprint + jump on board the sustainability train. A win/win!

Buy local (and in-season!)

Visit your local farmers’ market ladies + gents! Not only does shopping local support small business, but it also cuts down on the transporting + shipping phases of food production.

Plus a good dose of sunshine🌞 + fresh produce🍋🌽 sounds like just what the doctor ordered for a healthier, happier you!


Try organic + look for fair trade labels

Although you probably can’t taste a difference between organic + nonorganic foods, eating organic comes with a host of other planet-friendly + nutritional benefits!

Unlike nonorganic food, organic food meets standards for pest control, animal-raising practices, additives + ensuring proper soil quality. 👍  And that fair trade label simply ensures that your food is produced + manufactured ethically + sustainably. 😊  (Seriously, no catch!)


So you see, making sustainable grocery shopping swaps is easy, and it may just ignite a drive within you to continue to make sustainable choices in other areas of your daily life. If so (or if you’re just looking for some amazing smelling stuff, that’s ok too), check out our sustainably made air fresheners! From 100% recyclable or reusable forms to making scents from sustainable materials, we’re all about taking care of our planet!

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