3 Reasons Why Safer Air Freshener Ingredients Matter

3 Reasons Why Safer Air Freshener Ingredients Matter

Have you ever thought about what is in your air fresheners? Not to burst your bubble, but when you plug in or spray other fresheners, nasty particles make their way into the air around you… which you, your family and your pets then breathe in. 😧

What’s worse – most of what you’ll find in the home scent aisle may be full of nasty ingredients + wasteful packaging. We’re talking rows + rows of shelves lined with single-use plastic bottles that are headed for the landfill when you’re finished with it. Not good. 🤢

But fear not friend, we're here to save the day with air fresheners that are full of good stuff and none of the nasty. Not to mention recyclable. And sustainable. Just keep reading and we'll fill ya in on why safe scents matter... 😉

1. Your body is a temple (for tacos, not toxic stuff)

healthier air freshener

Listen, you literally breathe in air every day. The safety of what you and your loved ones are breathing in is not something to be ignored! And many other air care brands aren’t concerned about it though, because they include nasty chemicals like phthalates, parabens, reproductive mutagens and other carcinogens that are linked to some not-so-great results in our bodies, like migraines, hormone disruptions and respiratory issues*.

Yeah, that’s not cool. We work hard to avoid that nasty stuff in our products (you can see what we’re made of here).


2. Boop the snoot with safer smells

safer air fresheners for pets

What did we do to deserve dogs (or cats, or birds, or rabbits, or any of our pets)? Our little fur babies enrich our lives in so many ways, and we all want them to have nothing but the best. So keeping those wagging tails and super sniffers away from things that can harm them is super important. 

Our solution? Create liquidless and flameless scent options that give off amazzzzing scents without the risk of messes + spills. Add in the fact that our smells are better for them too (see numero uno above) and you’ve got pretty great reasons to practice safer scents.


3. Ch-ch-ch changes for a better world

ecofriendly air freshener

We all know that reducing, reusing and recycling are ways we can make the world a better place; why not air care too? So, we patented a recyclable base for our fragrances, using only the highest quality sustainably sourced ingredients to reduce the toll taken on the environment. Did we mention that we find ways to make all our product elements refillable, reusable, or recyclable whenever possible? Yeah, we do that. Learn more here.


So to wrap this up, our point is that safer scents mattered to us for the sake of our peeps, pets + planet, and you too can hop on the safe scents train with us for the above reasons + more. So shop around, and then let us know what you think so we can keep doing better.

*you can read more about this from our friends at the guardian.

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