yes, spring is here + so are the annoying allergens winter left behind. the bitter cold drives people + pets indoors, where all that ‘coziness’ + lack of fresh air create a breeding ground for icky air. when allergens abound, air quality plummets. (+ we won’t even mention the dust/dirt/clutter build-up during darker, mustier months.)

but hope springs eternal! ‘tis the perfect season to tidy up + eliminate allergens + do something good for yourself, your family, + the planet (yay, yay + yay!). here are a few ways to add eco-friendly habits into your regular housekeeping routines.

1. why DIY? to concoct a safer way to clean

something smells funny. traditional cleaners often work efficiently in the fight against dirt + grime. but they’re also often full of toxic chemicals (that we don't believe in!) that these make products potentially harmful to you, your family + the environment.

want natural ingredients you can trust for a green spring clean? baking soda, distilled white vinegar, lemon juice, + olive oil are safe + effective for household use:

sparkle: mix vinegar + water to clean glass + mop floors
scrub: add baking soda to above combo when tackling kitchen/bathroom surfaces
shine: mix equal parts olive oil + lemon juice for a fantastic furniture polish
sanitize: pure vinegar is super useful in the fight against mold and mildew

say goodbye to toxic chemicals, and hello to a natural clean you can feel good about!

2. clear the air, naturally

ewww… it’s stuffy in here. winter’s closed-doors policy means less circulation + ventilation, so air gets stale. but spring has arrived, so let the windows fling open; fresh air works wonders for physical + mental health. let your laundry in on it, too: line-dry your clothes. it’s far more energy efficient + let’s be real, installing a clothesline can be chock-full of good nostalgia + considered very European chic.

another way to clear the air? go green, quite literally. give some houseplants a loving new home! these living, growing miracles are toxin removers + air purifiers, ideal for the rooms you spend most time in. allergen-fighting houseplants include the peace lily, aloe vera, spider plant, bamboo palm, English ivy, + gerbera daisy (umm, pretty flowers? yes, please!).

3. a win-win for wallet + planet: upcycle old clothing

about those old t-shirts you’re holding onto… the hole-y ones that don’t fit. sentiment acknowledged, there is a satisfying way to give them new purpose. turn ’em into tote bags! no sewing required. learn how here, then take them shopping, reducing plastic bags + waste. (+ if your heart can take it, old tees make excellent cleaning rags.)