ever hear the phrase “save the earth” and become instantly overwhelmed? we all want to do our part to help the planet, but planting 10,000 trees to make a difference isn’t exactly doable on the daily. even the smallest of acts can make a big impact, like riding your bike 🚴‍♀‍ instead of driving or hanging your clothes to dry instead of running the dryer. our personal fave? upcycling! 

upcycling = taking those items seemingly destined to become trash or junk in grandma’s basement + turning them into something valuable again. now that’s a thrifty trend we can be a part of 🙌.

at enviroscent, we use plastic-free packaging + refillable, reusable + recyclable materials throughout all our innovations. but the fun doesn’t stop there — we’ve got three upcycling ideas for your used enviroscent products that will up the décor in your home, office + bathroom. trust us, anyone can tackle these diy upcycling projects 🔧.


 scent stix stand upcycled into a toothbrush holder

1. a mod toothbrush holder

no one (we repeat, no one) will ever brag about how stylish their toothbrush holder is…until now 😉 we didn’t plan on it, but our scent stix stands make pretty darn good-looking toothbrush holders. our stand’s open-cut design even allows for maximum drying airflow. if you’re looking to upgrade to one of our many stand designs, upcycle your old one — it’s just that easy. 

 scent stix aluminum packaging tubes upcycled into planters

2. a sleek + chic tube planter

if you’re a nature-lover like us, then you love the look of fresh plants around the home. but tbh, most plants are high-maintenance + space hogs. 🤔 for a sleek + chic greenery upcycle, turn the aluminum tubes holding our scent stix refills into test tube planters! 🌱 these are perfect for growing some low-maintenance water herbs like mint, rosemary or lavender. our tip: mount a few to an old wood board and hang for a rustic planter statement piece!

 scent spritz room spray bottle upcycled into a flower vase

3. not-your-grandmother’s flower vase

you know tfw you want to stick a couple of flowers in a vase yet there’s no vase to be found? 🤷 those days are over. grab your empty scent spritz bottle, rinse it out + channel your inner florist 💐. bonus points: if you’re feeling a little crafty, decorate that sucker with a fresh coat of paint or hot glue a fun fabric for a custom floral masterpiece to reuse over + over again.


moral of the story: help us help you help the planet by upcycling your enviroscent products into fun diy household projects! 🌎 from our product to our packaging, you can feel good about using our stuff every step of the way.

p.s. to all our planet-lovers out there: all our refills are enviro-friendly. our scent stix + scent pods are made from paper that's been fsc (forest stewardship council) certified from sustainably managed forests 🌳, making them safer for the environment + easily recyclable. we call that a win-win-win.

if you’re as buzzed 🐝 about the environment as we are, then show us your best upcycling projects! tag us on pinterest + instagram.