3 Benefits to Shopping Small Business This Holiday Season

3 Benefits to Shopping Small Business This Holiday Season

Are the holidays here yet?! (They may as well be since it feels like everyday rolls into the next😴 )

But a quick glance at our calendars packed with Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting suggests we’re somehow already mid-November. Hello turkey season!

So while you debate mashed potatoes over mac or cheese + going to the in-laws vs. having a quiet Thanksgiving at home, allow us to plant one more seed – actually scent – in your mind...

Think about shopping small this holiday season + the impact you have when you do!

It's never too early to brainstorm gift ideas! Our go-to?? You guessed it: the versatile gift of safer scents suitable for every space (not that we’re biased or anything).

When you shop with Enviroscent, you're not only shopping sustainable scents, but also supporting a small business (we’re actually only 42 employees strong)! Here's why that matters:


All about that local economy

A study by the American Independent Business Alliance found that 68% of income spent at local businesses remains in the community.

Basically, small businesses stick together + tend to support other small businesses too!  They’re also more likely to engage in initiatives that give back to their communities (aka you!)



Hey there, neighbor! Keeping the community engaged

You have the power to influence your community by supporting the very businesses that it’s built around!

Want to take part in community efforts that promote sustainability? Scope out your local farmers market (maybe your neighbor wants to tag along) for the freshest fruits + veggies.🍏🥕🍅  we bet your food will taste better too + you’ll even help reduce pollution emitted during large-scale food production + transportation. #hereforit



Always a unique experience

Shopping small sparks a dialogue between businesses + customers where goods + services are catered directly to you. Unlike those big retail chains, small businesses are more capable of delivering unique, personalized products to their customers.


Ps: we’re always happy to hear from our customers! After you’ve tried your safer scents, we would love for you to write us a review so we can continue to get better at doing better for future scent lovers like you!

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