2019: A Year In Review 🥂

2019: A Year In Review 🥂

2019… all we can say is What. A. Year. 🥳 Here’s our year in review, as told by emojis!

For starters...

  • It was the year of companies experimenting with 4-day work weeks, successfully (ahem, corporate we hope you’re reading this). 💾 😅
  • The year that everyone and their brother on Facebook decided to “storm area 51”… 👽
  • The year that the U.S. women’s soccer ⚽ team won the world cup! (yasssss ladiesss)

But most importantly (to us), it has been a year of true scentovations! 💡 if you’ve been living under a rock, here’s what we’re talking about:

  • From home to office to car 🚘, we launched 5 new scent forms for practicing safe scents 😏;
  • Not to mention 7 all new nature-inspired scents 🌱;
  • 4 amazzzing bundle deals 👯 (because it only makes *scents* to stock up 😉);
  • + 1 brand spankin’ new website! 🖥

2019 marks the year we pledged to do right by people 🧑, pets 🐾 + the planet 🌎, from our scents down to our packaging. We’re 💯 percent about safer to breathe, better to smell air fresheners 👃 to scent your life! (oh + in case you missed it: we seriously minimized our use of plastic, because ew 🤢).

So let’s pop the bubbles 🍾 and raise a glass to a new year full of resolutions to keep creating cleaner, safer, better-smelling air for all!

Cheers to 2020! 🥂 

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