Fresh Feel-Good Energy

Turn breathing into well-being with curated safer scents.

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Non-Toxic Ingredients

If it’s bad for you, we leave it out. Period. That's why we never use respiratory sensitizers, PBT's (persistent, bioacumulative toxins), CMR's (carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins), and on and on. We stand by safer scents: for people, pets + planet.​

Planet Friendly

We do what we can to take care of the planet. From sustainable packaging to making our products refillable, reusable, and recyclable. We design, ship, and source our products as responsibly and earth-consciously as possible.

A Safer Alternative

We came up with a totally new way to create air fresheners that last and last using natural ingredients (think paper pulp and essential oils). Big difference? No liquids. No leaks. No spills. No flames. Like mom always said, ‘safety first!’​

Scent Matters

We take notes from nature, literally. In fact, our patented technology allows for the most authentic, best-smelling fragrance to shine. We steer clear from anything that doesn’t smell the way nature intended. ​

Meet the All-Good All-Stars

This packed-with-good-stuff lineup will have any space looking and smelling amazing.

  • Spring Water + Lotus
  • Lemon Leaf + Thyme
  • Sea Salt + Aloe
  • Lavender Tea + Honey
  • Red Poppies + Rosewood
  • Minerals + Moss
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Spring Water + Lotus

A refreshing breath of well-being
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Lemon Leaf + Thyme

Everything feels lighter and brighter
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Sea Salt + Aloe

Embrace the healing powers of the sea
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Lavender Tea + Honey

Quiet your mind and soothe your soul
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Red Poppies + Rosewood

Breathe in balance
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Minerals + Moss

Restored by nature
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